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  1. Argyle if it is my posts you cannot understand it can only be you have been possessed by a spirit of incomprehension on Satan's orders and said spirit ensures you are unable to understand the written word and connect it with the evidence your eyes tell you. Satan's chief aim is to make people think there is no God and no Satan and hence all life evolved from pondslime and naturally he will make sure his converts have their ability to understand blocked. While ever you choose to define yourself as an atheist you will stay blind but the moment you accept you are wrong and Creation and God are fact then 'scales will fall from your eyes.' Similarly Calypsis' refusal to back me up can only be because of lingering doubts about Creation despite claiming to be born-again in the spirit.
  2. We certainly did lose an awful lot of technology during the Flood. Toothmarks on fossils are indisputable proof of carnivorous habits but not until God put the fear of man in them. All animals were originally vegetarian even if they had big beautiful teeth. Why that should be so hard to believe is a mystery. The many pet and friendly 'carnivores' around the world show quite clearly that being a killer is easily suppressed behaviour - just as with the humans who murder. At the moment beheadings are all the rage with terrorists beheading captives and crazies beheading people on British streets but for how long have such murders been carried out? I don't see any mentally deranged posters on here though I do so many whose posts are a joke and many whose posts show they cannot think deeply.
  3. rosewhite

    Satan Rules Wikipedia?

    I just decided to check some internet facts about Genesis and naturally Wiki has top position in the search results and regarding Genesis states: Genesis is the Creation Myth. So I thought for a moment and then realised that as Satan said his first task to make people abandon God was to get people to believe himself to be a myth and thereby have The Fall seen as myth and thus God also a myth all he had to do was inspire the editors of Wiki and such popular information sources to ensure Creation was referred to as a myth - which they do so. To do this he would induce people and scientists to foster evolution as a fact in which scenario humans having evolved from spontaneously linked/generated from atoms in the soup of condensed Big Bang dust all talk of a Supreme Being would be seen as nonsense - which is exactly what we find in a lot of scientific papers and the writings of various communists, mystics, and Old Earthers. Wiki contributors push evolution with a zealousness that is amazing! Satan will be proud of them. Wiki says Human Evolution: Primates emerged from other mammals 85 mya. Homo habilis 2.3 mya. etc Wiki's Owner and editors faithfully go along with Satan knowing perfectly well that millions of people around the world will see Wiki's versions as top of each search and will be misled by what they first read. As the owner/founder of Wiki refuses to take any part in running or directing it he is guilty of being one of Satan's chief supporters.
  4. Ark saved dinosaur's later extinction? Might a possible explanation of the 'apparent' lack of dinosaurs post-Flood be due to reintroduced hunting by Noah's offspring who either remembered how exciting Pre-Flood hunting was or because these same offspring were once again targeted by the demons of the drowned Nephilim and urged to become hunters in the image of Nimrod? If we accept the truth of the Bible then we have to accept that the spirits of the Nephilim survived and were free to wander the earth. Evolutionists may laugh at this but it is better truth than their nonsenses. Another better explanation for the lack of dinosaurs post-Flood might actually be that the climate vastly changed over the first 40 days of The Flood when the sky was falling. The lack of water canopy probably simultaneously caused great cold snaps and a reduced atmospheric pressure which may have been more than the Ark-borne dinosaurs could tolerate once released from the Ark. The evidence is that the icecaps are recent and for some years after the Flood the climate may just have been too cold. As it is likely that Noah only took small animals on the Ark the small dinosaurs may not have been able to tolerate the new climate enough to reach viable breeding age or if they reached it they never achieved critical mass due to renewed hunting. Another issue with the disappearance of the dinosaurs could be that they were not as agile as most of the warmblooded animals - practically every animal today from mouse to elephant can easily outrun humans - but vegetarian dinosaurs would be easy prey as they slurped around swamps or thick forests stuffing huge quantities of vegetation into their great bellies. As the Post-Flood land would be quite denuded - we know one olive tree survived - it may be that there just was not sufficient food to maintain a viable population of dinosaurs against the hunting and or lethal protection of crops by Noah's children and their offspring.
  5. There is little proof that the dinosaurs were initially carnivorous as God made all animals to eat grass/vegetation. The dinosaurs huge bellies and long vulnerable necks show them to be fairly defenceless browsers. Those with an upright stance and big teeth like TRex were most likely intended to eat top foliage for which huge teeth are excellent rakes just as combine harvesters have huge teeth today and again their big bellies show them to be vegetarian. Quote: 'scientists HYPOTHESIZE that Ornithomimus ate a variety of vegetation and small animals'. Scientists do too much hypothesizing of nonsense based on childhood exposure to The Flintstones and Jurassic Park. Ornithomimus lacked teeth in its bird like beak so yes it may have pecked at carrion the way a farmyard chicken may but was it any more actively carnivorous than a typical farmyard chicken or a robin?
  6. I am sure that the Pre-Flood humans not only were more intelligent and probably much better physically that we Post-Flood humans but also Satan and his Fallen Angels were actively consorting with some humans and revealing the secrets of the universe to them. It logically follows that just as our atomic age started in say 1930 and 60 years later Doomsday Bomb existed then who knows what weapons were being manufactured in what timescale Pre-Flood? Evolutionists try to claim man had evolved from pondslime to human but then refuse to accept that over the 1600 years from Adam's creation to The Flood no progress was possible but during those 1600 years Satan & Co had free rein to train human followers in all sorts of secrets and deadly arts. The working Baghdad battery may be a poor copy made from memory of a far superior technical product from Pre-Flood rather than some rough experiment by Old Baghdadians.
  7. If you can understand the concept of starlight power you don't need any physics? 12.5 years in a submarine gives you special status and insights? Nonsense - you spent too many days underwater watching Popeye cartoons. Try living 67 years in West Yorkshire's opencast landscape with exposed bedrock all around - nearest is perhaps 100 yards from me. We do not know the comets have high water content - we know comets have pretty trails for our enjoyment but whether or not it is water is a question only God knows. You are assuming the big circular items on the Moon are impact craters and not mud geyser rings. On the other had one possible explanation for them being on a young Moon might be found in Genesis when 'all the earth had become ruined.' As we Post-Flood people went from a dynamite world to super Doomsday bomb in little over 50 years and as the Pre-Flood people were both much more intelligent and had the active collaboration of Satan and his Fallen Angels who were privy to the atomic secrets of the Universe the correct explanation for the near side of the Moon's mass cratering might actually be super-atomic warfare between opposing camps of humans and spirits which might be the basis for Man on the Moon legends. The space dust that constantly filters onto earth sometimes with fatal results might actually be debris blasted into far orbits by the superbombs of the last few years before the Flood.
  8. rosewhite

    What Is The Jews' Future?

    Thanks Teejay, I tell the Jews I correspond with that they were wrong to persecute Jesus as 'just a cult leader who deserved to die' and that Jesus came to end the old laws but they totally refute all this and claim they will rule the world as idle masters of masses of non-Jewish slaves and restart animal sacrifice burnt offerings in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem almost as though the last 2000 years have never happened..
  9. rosewhite

    Precambrian Rabbits

    True Evolution is a fact - it is what happens to the human brain when God is accepted as Creator. Suddenly all the lies and nonsense of the Evos is seen for what it is. Maybe accepting God as Creator reverses whatever negative mental effects He caused Adam and Eve to suffer at The Fall? Cain was well aware that after he killed Abel he would face the anger and persecution of his other brothers and sisters and their children who were creating their own family/socialgroups/townships? This would explain why a true believer and real Christian would be totally altered in perceptions, manners, ethics, habits and attitudes to others.
  10. rosewhite

    What Is The Jews' Future?

    Thanks Fred, I have looked at videos of rabbis addressing younger Jews in religious schools about how the Messiah will battle all Jewish enemies and put Jews as rulers of the world and it is like watching old film of Hitler rabble rousing with his lies and personal issues. Rose
  11. rosewhite

    Getting To Grips With Common Design

    As God put enmity between Adam and Eve and the serpents and also made many plants put out thorns and poisons and made the animals/birds either carnivorous or scared of humans we have to accept that this deep remodelling of mental and physical attributes really did need some fundamental reworking of whatever makes all living things the way they are. So adding or subtracting chromosomes or tinkering with the DNA spiral would be easy for God and Jesus as they created all life in the beginning and all the modified lifeforms from lowest bacterias up to Adam and Eve would then find their physical forms altering along with their mental processes so the previously tame and friendly dinosaurs and lions would now not only be mutually antagonistic but also see Adam and Eve as prey - and Adam and Eve would now find a new sensation in their lives: fear!
  12. rosewhite

    Getting To Grips With Common Design

    Go doesn't always answer prayers because quite often the prayer has the power to get the request themselves or alternatively God might decide that their need is best met by no direct response. This would explain the many devout God believers who died on the cross/fires/arenas and who may have prayed for aid - God possibly thought that the best solution would be to exchange their human body and life for a guaranteed life in the new order.
  13. No, I kept pretty good notes and that was what was said. Baked lava plus water from asteroid impacts = Paradise Earth Adam and Eve enjoyed.
  14. Hi Piasan, There is no 'independent method of dating' as no dating is possible on the mixed up sediment of the flood. This is obviously something the Evo mind is not evolved enough to understand? God granted wisdom is the True Evolution of the human brain. Read my True Evolution! thread to see how your brain needs 'opening up'. The velociraptors would not have the brain power to understand the need to run to higher ground as the intensity of the cataclysmic flood was outside their experience - just as it was to all the humans like you. Plus the intensity of the downpours and giant water showers from the 'springs of the seas' would have rapidly overwhelmed their senses of direction and physical endurance so they would just fall into the maelstrom and be swept along like all other life. Every winter we read of people dying from getting lost in fog or snow just a close distance from home - the downpours of the Flood would have been solid water and naturally mists and fogs as the unexpectedly cold water fell through what previously had been a global warmth. Shock, confusion and panic in all life on earth would have been total in the first day/days of the flood. All the flying pterodactyl types and the feathered birds would face the very same energy sapping drenching and buffeting and quickly fall into the waters and naturally being lighter would travel faster and probably all were drowned in the first day/days. And as the waters were falling for 960 hours then no flying bird or animal could have survived death by exhaustion, starvation or hypothermia - many birds especially die if they cannot eat each day or if they lose their feather oil which is why most birds spend quite a time each day preening their feathers with oil from their oil glands. Then the raging storms kept stirring up the top sediments and obviously most small creatures would be buried really deep and probably more in the ocean abysses than in shallower lakes that dried out to give the easily accessible fossil beds we see today. Also of course you have to try think that the Pre-Flood seas were teeming with fish and we know that many fish can swallow huge quantities of quite large prey or vegetation so in the first days of the Flood the fish would have had a bonanza feast of drowned birds, animals and humans - except those near the 'fountains of the deep which opened on the first day'. Fish close to those would perhaps have been scared out of their wits for a while? Once you give God the respect He is due and the credit for Creation He just seems to make everything come clear unlike the way that non-believers like you find yourself in a fog of Satan's confusion and willing to accept any nonsense put forward by other non-believers. You claim to be a Christian but then add Theistic Evolutionist whatever that means but obviously it denies everything we know about God and Creation so I have to assume Theistic Evolution is some of Satan's lies.
  15. So this guy takes me to task for stating that the fast sedimentation of The Flood is what fools so many like him into thinking dinosaurs died out millions of years ago: He mentions some tiny dino that died 241 mya to be precise as measured by radio carbon or something. So I said No, the littlest dinosaurs are at the bottom of the sediment because their bodies have little lungs and bellies so when they drowned they had little air or gas in them and sank quickly compared to the bigger dinosaurs with huge lungs and bellies full of gas and also those big dinos would need much more washing away and be much more prone to get stuck on snags. An interesting experiment would be to get tiny lizards and larger ones and small mammals and birds kill them all at the same time and throw them into a fast flowing river and record how far and for how long each one floats and whether on top, middle depths or seabed and how long it took for each one to finally settle into the sediment. I think the birds with light bodies and hollow bones would float farthest, and the smallest lizards the shortest time and distance and so settle before any other. Which would be exactly what the fossil record reveals: very few 'modern' birds or furry mammals as these would float farthest and sink slowest and so appear at top of record if their bones survived at all. Also of course if many sea creatures did survive the Flood and all the water getting very muddy then they would naturally eat lots of the floaters as the sinkers would have disappeared from view very quickly.

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