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  1. Schera Do

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    . What was your justification? YOU NEVER TOLD ME NOT TO PM YOU EVER. Do you dispute this? Second, what's the reason you posted this information in the forum? Please be informed that I copied "Dave" on the PM that your reported. Do you know the reason? FYI, I sent a link and copy of this post to Dave in a PM. Do you know the reason?
  2. Comprehension: The difference between Reading and Hearing Some may have noticed that I refuse to use the word "say" when referring to what is posted in the forum. Does anyone have a clue to the reason? In the asylum for the insane, who could "say?" A few examples with the word "say" or "saying" highlighted by me for convenience (Please note that I don't imply that only one user is responsible for a complete list of examples, which would overwhelm the forum.): . . . [Please note, tangentially, that an ad hominem would be that the poster's content is "low quality" due to the person's homely face; or that the person has foul body-odor within an argument designed to refute that person's assertions. This is more evidence the this particular person is illiterate with respect to the very named fallacies he wields as as blunt instrument. Not that I need further evidence. The question remains for the peanut gallery, Do want to be part of the solution or continue to perpetuate the problem?] . . . I can find such examples all day long, every day, for a month. I will now field objects to my proposition before I give the defense of my proposition. The reason I do this should be obvious to anyone paying any attention: If I do that in advance, then there is little to discuss and I don't allow for others to "shoot themselves in the foot", a.k.a. expose their inability to think critically. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Schera Do

    Evolution Vs. Evolution Vs. Evolution

    I can inform everyone that the reference to "Anderson Cooper" is made as he is the origin of the slander that became used repeatedly by enemies of the Right, but you mulitiplied the obscene slander in your false statement. Let everyone appreciate the obscentity and "offensive imagery" you peddled: A person places within, completely, his (or her, *gasp*) mouth the contained testicles of a man--"teabagger." You remain on my list for the simple reason that I doubt your motives for your admission, which I reproduce below. I suspect your motive is the age-old, pervasive, human propensity to "hide a bad motive underneath a good one." The quote is from a book written in mid-20th century, which will remain anonymous until I decide to reveal the title of that book. . . My first reaction is that you succumbed after you thought I would post the "initial reason" that you were placed on my ignore list. I may or may not determine whether I was correct. Interesting. Fair enough, but you seem to be esoteric an awful lot in your posts. Interesting. Yes, I believe I do. It was a mistake, an error in judgement; people in the tea party did not call themselves that. I took a political commentator too literally when they made a joke, and in a playful mood I repeated the joke without thinking it through. I apologize for the inaccurate statement and the offensive imagery of the statement.
  4. Schera Do

    Terminal Cancer

    . Is your mother still of this mortal coil?
  5. Schera Do

    Evolution Vs. Evolution Vs. Evolution

    . The first sentence renders all that is above from your quote irrelevant. . . The first sentence renders all that is above from your quote irrelevant. The second sentence demonstrates that didn't you comprehend 1 through 4 from post #24. You still head the list; Your post #25 would be sufficient reason if you never provided the initial reason. Do you understand the reference to the initial reason? I would not bet anything that you do. I'm certain that nobody else does. I will track-down a link to that post.
  6. Schera Do

    'appeal To Authority' Vs 'appeal To False Authority'

    . . Mr Summers, perpetuation of the low-quality of debate is the responsibility of those who participate in the perpetuation of the low-quality of debate. I have stated the obvious, no offense to anyone. I now ask, Do you intend to be part of the solution or part of the perpetual problem? In the top-most quote from "w-the-w", do you Mr. Summers understand this??: . . Please demonstrate to us all that you do with a rewording of that sentence. I will wait for your reply of a statement (rewording) or a statement that you refuse to do so. I will give my interpretation of it's meaning in leui of yours.
  7. Schera Do

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    . . . What we discover is that we have in the "six-sided die" scenario one similar to my scenario of the first coin created which has not YET been flipped for the first time. ... . You have no clue about the role of statistics in the subject. The reason is that you have no clue about the limits of the mathematics of probablity. The mathematics of probability are base upon statistics. Your illiteracy is "twice cooked." To repeat,what was excluded from "what if"'s excerpt at the link and what supports all my assertions: In summary, probability theory enables us to find the consequences of a given ideal world, while statistical theory enables us to to measure the extent to which our world is ideal.
  8. Schera Do

    The "ill" Logic Of Atheism An D Agnosticism

    . . The probability of an event occurring that has NOT YET occurred is not statistically calculable. "In general: Probability of an event happening = Number of ways it can happen (divided by) Total number of outcomes" (source) This is no surprise as a divisor of 0 is undefined. To return to the teacher's question. We need to know whether the lot in question requires parking registration. If it does and all the spots are reserved by pre-registered drivers, then there are 70 unique plate numbers elligible to appear in the lot and no others are elligible to be seen. This last then-clause is true if there is a tag reader or security guard who controls which cars are permitted to enter. In this case, we may be justified in assuming that ONLY a fixed set of 69 plates out of X total in the USA MAY be seen by the teacher on any day on which classes are being held. What's not explicit is whether the teacher pulls into the lot on a vacation day or a day that classes are being held. Further, if the teacher has plate with "LHS-230" on it, then he will not see his own plate. Further still, we have not been told whether the lot MUST BE FULL with 70 when he enters--his car being the 71st--or whether the lot MUST BE FULL and he is the 70th. I think this is a good beginning. I have read the entire thread yet and apologize had someone already posted this. . Old posts, new posts, not exactly "same as it ever was." Please note that I asked the question, The probability of an event occurring that has NOT YET occurred and gave the answer, in October 2015. The asylum for the insane.
  9. Schera Do

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    . I have concluded, an agreement with you, of sorts, that you are illiterate with respect to probablitity and statistics, with an explanation of the reason I include "statistics" in the assertion. Let me be clear that I have NOT made any assertion as to your knowledge of statistics. I dont need that as the accuracy of my assertion about your knowledge of probability extends to and can be inferred without risk to the subject of statistics. . . We get real sentences when they are copied/pasted from a link. That's the only time. Here is what follows "what if"'s excerpt from the same link. What if it was included????. We will now discover: . . What we discover is that we have in the "six-sided die" scenario one similar to my scenario of the first coin created which has not YET been flipped for the first time. This is where a sane person "rests his case." I thank "what if" for providing exquisite evidence for my case. The truly breathtaking part is that "m-the-w" "liked" your post--ROFLMFAO!!!!^20.
  10. Schera Do

    'appeal To Authority' Vs 'appeal To False Authority'

    . But neither will an inncent person. ... . An innocent may or may not leave evidence of being at or near the scene of a crime, intentionally or otherwise. It happens every day, ever week, and so on.
  11. Schera Do

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    . . Dear Mr. "StormanNorman", Stating, "This is a debate forum", does not indicate the quality of what can be found in that forum. It is obvious to anyone who can comprehend what's written here that--and I've identified them clearly--that those who are perpetuating the low-quality of debate are being reinforced (to continue) by others who engage the offenders. There comes a time when one must be asked, Are you going to continue to be part of the problem or are you going to be part of the solution? I now ask you, which part do you intend to play?
  12. Schera Do

    Evolution Vs. Evolution Vs. Evolution

    . . I will try again: 1. "Webster's 1913 Dictionary" section contains the Webster's definition for the subject word; 2. "Webster's 1913 Dictionary" section does NOT provide synonyms for the subject word; 3. "WordNet Dictionary" does NOT contain the Webster's definition for the subject word; 4. "Related Words" section DOES contain all the synonyms AND related words that Webster-dictionary.org considers to be BOTH synonymous and related to the subject word; I once owned a 1913 Webster's dictionary. There is no reason to put my favorite online dictionary within quotes. The ignore list is as follows with a few dedication-songs to be determined: Goku (Quasi) Blitzking (Dreaming) what if (Everything In Its Right Place; with alternative Planet Telex) KenJackson (tbd) Gneiss girl (Mother of Pearl, with alternate, Really Good Time) m-the pee-stream (Supermarket Nightmare)
  13. Schera Do

    Backtracking Again?

    Yes the flood is predictive in the sense that we would expect to find dead things buried all over the earth, if we hadn't found them atheists would have had a field day and would now be arguing, "haha, where is this flood then, there would be dead things all over if water had inundated everything, and especially marine forms!"[/font] I wouldn't expect 95% of fossils to be marine invertebrates, I would expect a much better representation of terrestrial life if the continents had been completely inundated. And of course as I keep repeating and you keep avoiding, if this almighty cataclysm surged ocean water so violently how on earth do we have completely separate fossil assemblages in discrete layers rather than everything being mixed up as the water scoured the land and transported sediment and dead things thousands of miles across the super continent ? Is Hurricane Irma going to leave nice defined sedimentary layers with particular dead animals and plants in each layer behind when the storm surge subsides, or will it just be a tangled, incoherent mess ? .
  14. Schera Do

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    It's worse than I thought. . . Much worse than I thought. Where is Mr. Summers when we need him? . Unbleeping believable. Probability and Statistics. That sentence you wrote indicates total illiteracy. If there is no data, no statistics, a probability, a number can't be calculated. Rewind history to the day before the first coin was flipped, before the first coin. Do I have to remind anybody that there was a time when no coins existed? Who could "say" in this insane asylum? Somebody created the first coin, heads and tails; two sides, an edge. The first "coin" in the world. Now, you tell me while I have a gun to your head, how many times it will land heads and how many tails in this actual, factual scenario, because, YES there was a first coin and before that nobody had flipped one. Do you understand? FACT! indesputable. You play like a child with these concepts and FACTS. When someone invents something new, there may be no data, no previous experience, nothing.
  15. Schera Do

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    . What does that mean?

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