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  1. mike the wiz

    Polystrate Compression Proves Flood Scenario

    Sir Spamalot was probably neither of those things and he likely put them in his profile believing them compatible because he knew nothing about the EvC debate. He copy and pasted some text because he didn't know anything about the debate so as to feign genuine membership because he couldn't write anything himself about the topics not knowing them at all, then a while later he made a spam-topic for his product, so I suggest the Buddhist-creationist theme was never genuine. I'll give him credit for getting past me for a while, I should have raised the shields earlier. It's the very same error Kirk made in the first battle scene in the wrath of Khan, being lulled into a false sense of security because of the foe's subtle strategy. That's why Collins got further than most spammers, he knew I had to give him the benefit of the doubt as long as he looked somewhat like a member. But now he's just a part of the Toad's tally. Admiral Fred would be proud!
  2. mike the wiz


    There seems to be no point in this post, Wibble other than to provide a negative one-liner ad hom, "he's a hypocrite as well" and provide a link to back it up. I am aware as to how much Blitzking annoys you but try and make posts that have content relating to the topic.
  3. mike the wiz

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Problem is BK, we can sometimes do more harm than good if we ram it down peoples' throats then they can come away thinking, "wow, don't want to be like them." I don't know personally of anyone who became a genuine Christian just because of fear of hell anyway. I have seen testimonies of hundreds and it's nearly always the same; they come to see they are sinners after the Holy Spirit kept knocking on their door. (genuine regrets/repentance/sadness for their actions for letting God down) Don't get me wrong, I know in bible studies it is an issue that has to be mentioned. But issues of hellfire and damnation shouldn't really be part of a topic about racism unless we are talking about all of the people dressed in white suits with white hoods with slits for eyes and torches in their hands that are going there. (All I'm saying is, I like to personally hope in God's mercy and would like to think it's not always a black and white issue, pardon the pun.)
  4. mike the wiz

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    (negative one-liners, rule 8..) (just a reminder to engage with the opposition, because it's best to at least provide some content so as to properly respond to what the author said. And this is a reminder to anyone else that is engaging in flippant responses. This is not anything serious such as a warning, it's just a reminder and I state it publicly to remind the members that I am reading and I am watching and am still aware of what is happening at the forum even if I appear silent and inactive. ---------------------------------------- (For example I have just closed down those three amigos sales-guys that just joined before they could perform their fly-by-spamming for whatever it is they're selling. I've also turned their spiel in the "about me" page on their profiles to, "I am a spammer".) So to the two or three tards I have just degunned faster than Clint Eastwood in a stand off on steroids, "don't you know the kid always wins against two idiots?" - McCauley Culkin - Home Alone.
  5. mike the wiz

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Members are very annoyed with each other right now and are reporting each others posts. I think the real solution is to accept that neither will back down, sort of like a cowboy stand-off. For that reason I think the best thing to do is for each of you to embrace the acceptance that you can't change the other person. Neither are really breaking rules badly enough to be punished, I think what's really happening is you're just hitting the report button out of frustration. I have to close this thread temporarily while I sort a problem, when it reopens perhaps you could learn to debate the issues in a more dispassionate, detached way whereby the FOCUS is more on the subject than each other.
  6. mike the wiz

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Words can be used as epithets, it's true. The extremist left can use a lot of buz-words. Sexist, racist, BLM, homophobe, intolerant. The problem with throwing around such terminology is a lot of the time it can be question-begged, and used as a label. (Not that I am getting into the debate, I am just saying people can use words this way, not all people do use them wrongly they can be used correctly as accurate descriptors. It isn't the word that is the epithet as such, it is how it is used. Like when Wibble uses the term, "fact" for macro evolution, that is an epithet because he couldn't provide a sound argument to prove it.) That's good logical reasoning, you have spotted what could be termed a fallacy of false equivalence. (I myself can't argue it as I didn't read all of the past posts with Piasan and you, but that's good thinking there, "What If".)
  7. mike the wiz

    How to get more posters?

    Yes, I noticed this. They trawled through pretty much every thread in the archives over several weeks, all with very close matching addresses from the same country. I told Fred about it a while back. I don't know much about IT, but there seems to be several possibilities. Some kind of bots, some kind of copyists. Forums can be copied. Suffice to say I don't think different people are going through different threads each day, dozens and dozens of them from the same country. But Fred knows I told him. I suspect it has happened in the past too, I know about a year ago Killurbluff told me there were about 200 guests online on a particular day. Lol. That's true. But of course that puts off a lot of trolls that unlike the evolutionists here have no intelligence so they depend on getting by with the disrespect, ad-hom nonsense. The theory at EvC forum is that social media has taken over forums and now they are a bit old fashion. It may have some truth.
  8. mike the wiz

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    People use micro evolution to prove macro evolution, they use majority science to say it is a fact. They use all sorts of misinformation and plain lies to make out creationists are crackpots. Welcome to the machine. if Siili is wrong (which I have no idea and am not going to read through all your posts) then the answer is to refute him by providing reasons why you believe he is wrong like you just have here, then readers can decide if you are correct or he is and you can debate the report. Again, what has it really got to do with moderating, people seem to be using the report button as a, "fetch Mike and he must do as we say" type thing. In my opinion as moderator, you have become frustrated and annoyed because of something you think is wrong. But my job isn't to obey commands given in reports, "What If", my job is to discern what I think is best and choose myself what I think is best. I can't delete posts just because you are annoyed, the answer is to calm down and if Siili is wrong then you can argue as to why the report doesn't support his case. There have been a number of complaints about the way I moderate to Fred. Thus far he has said I am doing an okay job but you're free to overrule me by taking it to Fred and having it deleted. I am only one moderator remember, I have to play by Fred's rules.
  9. mike the wiz

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    "What If" I realise in the heat of battle there is a desire to hit the, "report" button if frustration ramps up high as it naturally does in heated debate but really I can't just side with members against other members if they haven't really broken any rules. The other party using a word you don't like or arguing something you don't think is true isn't really a moderator issue, it's best to at this stage take a back seat and ask yourself, "is it worth a heart attack? Time for me to calm down and take a more measured approach and perhaps agree to disagree with the other party." Just something to think about. Remember nobody is going to force you to accept the other party's argument so getting so stressed and frustrated isn't healthy IMHO.
  10. THIS THREAD HAS HAD IT'S DAY. (I'm calling it on this one. I will not be offended if you guys want to contact Fred and overrule my decision but bare in mind you can discuss racism and the politics of it here; https://evolutionfairytale.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6944-the-death-of-gorge-floyd/&page=14&tab=comments#comment-159487 The election and issues with Trump and Biden here; https://evolutionfairytale.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6954-campaign-2020/&tab=comments#comment-159206 Or covid 19 and how that is handled and the politics of it here; https://evolutionfairytale.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6954-campaign-2020/&tab=comments#comment-159206 Which in my opinion makes this thread redundant, and nothing more than a generalised MESS that acts as an EvC discussion-vampire. So I have taken this logical opportunity to have my way. *evil snigger*.
  11. mike the wiz

    Horrible consequences if Biden is elected

    There's already too many political threads it's become a forum for USA politics. It's annoying guys, we don't care. Here is a thread that addresses the same things that is already active in the political area; (I won't delete this thread, I will close it so that you can copy your post to that thread if you so wish, Dave.)
  12. mike the wiz


    I regard this as a lie. Anyone can go back and read that the reason I provided the hawk verse was not for that reason because you would have to take my comment as out-of-context rather than reading all my post/s as a whole, because it wasn't the only verse I quoted. It was one of many I quoted making a case that the bible is incompatible with theistic evolution. It heavily implies design but there are other scriptures which rule out design by evolution which I also quoted. In fact what actually happened Dave is you WRONGLY AND OBTUSELY thought my argument only made the bible and atheism incompatible, having likely not read/understood all of my post, but my long posts also show theistic evolution is also not compatible with the bible. So I am afraid all we have here is your failure to understand what my argument is for why would I even need a theistic evolutionist to not accept design in order to prove my argument that theistic evolution is incompatible with the bible? The two aren't even connected for even agnostics and atheists can accept design. You simply INFLATED the hawk verse to mean more than it does. But I am only using that verse alongside all the others as an argument that God designed and created animal kinds with many confirming scriptures. So it isn't just the design of the hawk, it's that Genesis says such birds and every living thing were created in an order and way which BREAKS the pattern they say evolution happened in. Sorry but it simply goes without saying that if I were to provide a brief comment about design from the hawk example it is in the context of that design having to happen in the way the bible said it did. (not design through evolution because I provided scriptures ruling that out). So I am sorry but I just don't even need the argument you think I was arguing and you have to take my whole argument together collectively, including all the scriptures I used.
  13. mike the wiz


    What do you mean, "future"?
  14. mike the wiz


    I believe in my previous comments I shown the contextual meaning of Genesis not the, "literal" meaning. That is to say I did not take it literally but tried to ascertain what it was saying, and I explained that it all seems to be about explaining how things began. Things it specifically mentions such as humans, cattle, birds, marine forms according to kind. I also explained how evolution isn't compatible with the context. So to be honest Pi since you didn't really show I was wrong isn't it kind of to cheat to revert back to the, "literalist bible" charge? I myself take Genesis 1 the same as the rest of Genesis, which is historical narrative. I don't a literal position except for on some things in the bible but you can take the bible as historically true without taking it literally. I can prove that with my Roman star example. Have I not shown with all my effort that it's not that simple? Was I lying when I said that in context a man existed before a woman and was alone and God decided it wasn't good for him to be alone so created a woman? Even if this is metaphorical I also shown that there is no metaphor for evolution found in Genesis 1 unless you cherry pick one verse about the water bringing forth marine life. Isn't it funny how nobody found any allegory of evolution until Darwin? But if ID is factual do factual things belong outside of science? After all Dave is true that technically speaking you can believe aliens are the designer. That's because the ID argument only contains the conclusion that life is designed, it says nothing more after that. People then form arguments SEPARATE to the ID argument. But I appreciate that you are saying you believe God can wrack them all up then pocket them blindfolded. Personally I just don't see where there is room for that in the bible. I would say TEs are basically not compromising the literal bible but the bible itself because as I argued, in context it seems to mean things that contradict evolution. Even if we take it allegorically the allegory if it is one of evolution is so poor everyone just so happened to miss it until Darwin the high priest of atheism revealed it for us.
  15. mike the wiz


    But I wasn't arguing Piasan. I guess we are on different pages. Correctness is all that matters to me. My job isn't to change Piasan, judge Piasan or change his theistic evolutionist position. The only thing I was doing was presenting my case that the creationist position is basically the biblical position. I believe this is true of theistic evolutionists. I don't know if Pi would protest this, I am happy to just keep it to discussion about whether theistic evolution is compatible with the bible personally. Irrelevant logically speaking, because my argument is that theistic evolution isn't compatible with the bible, not that theistic evolutionists don't believe in any sort of design which would be to change my argument into a strawman version so as to knock it down. Besides that wouldn't change much anyway, ultimately saying, "God lit the fuse but the bomb designed itself" is basically just a way of saying God didn't design by saying He did. Like putting a label "female" on a big fat, ugly geezer. "Crappy" is a question-begging-epithet. I am afraid you will only ever have the pleasure of CALLING my arguments, "crappy", Dave. The operative term being, "calling".

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