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  1. snailyn

    Howd Ya Be

    Well I thought I might join a Christian creationist sight and argue how any one can argue creation Not really I guess I have just noticed the rise lately in Gnosticism and how it relates to evolution, how some Gnostics separate YHWH and Jesus as two Gods, not the one, who are kinda two but anyway....Trinitarianism, thats another theological mine field. So, hi, from Australia, the Western part, Christian, 6 day creationist, worlds less than 10,000 years old and bible believer. Yes I accept the story of Jonah and Noah as well. Not well studied in evolution but have a basic idea, have a good understanding of creation science. Hopefully I may learn some good stuff here, seems like a very informative sight, well done. So, How dya be?
  2. snailyn

    Howd Ya Be

    I am figuring my Aussie lingo is baffling for some but when I say happened, we here where I am from mean what caused. But hey, each to his/her own, pedantics are such as they are and pedants, welcome to their own company A serious answer I guess is better to go begging in this situation.
  3. snailyn

    Howd Ya Be

    So you dont believe in the theory of evolution as it stands? So what do you think happened, I could guess but that may be rude.
  4. snailyn

    Has Anyone Noticed

    My first thread so bear with me. I have recently been speaking to a few people about Christianity, the gospel etcetera and have noted a rise in Gnosticism. Specifically the God Jehovah being the evil God and Jesus being the real God who usurps the OT God ushering in a new faith/religion. Now this is all based on evolution, God of the OT allowed evil, used evolution, the brokenness of the world was all part of His doing. Having no real knowledge of Gods justice, no acceptance of Gods judgement for sin they classify Jehovah a demi god, a demi god that needed Christ to usurp Him. So effectively take out Gods perfect creation and insert a god who created a broken world and we have no promise, no returning to Gods rest in Eden. Has anyone else noticed the rise of the Gnostic, is there a way to reconcile a God who created using evolution, a survival of the fittest fight for life with a loving caring God. How do evolution believing Christians justify the God of creation, being a creator of a world that was broken from the start. Now please dont think I am picking a fight, being rude or arrogant, I am looking for answers to nonchristians questions, I accept Christians who believe in evolution and am not against their views Surely others have had to deal with these issues
  5. snailyn

    Howd Ya Be

    Yeah I agree on that tremendous amount of water statement I will consider anything that is backed up with good solid scientific evidence and for the record I understand and accept why many believe evolution is a valid scientific theory, just that I dont

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