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    Hello. So what am I supposed to write here? A little about myself? Ummm I suppose I'd best start with religious views- agnostic but probably leaning towards atheism if I had to choose between black and white though i'd rather not yet. As far as interests go I have many, lately I've been reading tons on zoology and anthopology,with religious anthropology being a keen interest. I don't really believe in any god myself but since religion has been an (almost, I think) universally uniting human feature I'm quite interested in it, and the psychology behind it is fascinating too. Politically- Not that massively into politics, though I am Scottish and voted no in the referendum....wonder if that's relevant here. Likes- MMA training, weight lifting, reading ( a lot of sci-fi themed time travel at the minute), playing fantasy RPGs, watching tv shows on netflix, reading popular science books and the occasional science textbook, though my science education only goes to highschool level at the present time, I do plan on studying at university after I leave the military. Oh yea, I'm in the military. Sorry if a bit of that was outside the scope of a welcome thread, I tend to ramble Also apologies for the occasional typo, this keyboard is fubar. Nothing to do with my horrendous English skills, honest
  2. keysi

    Understanding Vs Acceptance

    Hmm I thought mike had actually claimed that but now I can't find the post to quote it....either I misread or possibly that part has been edited. Fair enough, I apologise if the mistake was on my part. I still think it was a point worth mentioning though, since it does seem to be a fairly common misconception and references to Hitler and Nazis do tend to get thrown around a lot in debates.
  3. keysi

    Understanding Vs Acceptance

    While I'm not a fan of the Nazis being used in a debate ( many people I know consider that once Godwin's law comes in you automatically loose), however there does seem to be a bit of confusion on the subject. They did get voted into power by legal and legitimate means, however once in they went about their horrendous business through undemocratic dictatorship methods. http://www.theholocaustexplained.org/ks3/the-nazi-rise-to-power/how-did-nazis-gain-power/the-nazis-gain-power/#.VKJ4SF4gA0
  4. keysi


    Airforce I take it? Guessing from your username. I too am in the air force, what trade are you? I've only been in a few years and also cannot wait to get to Friar Tuck out of it. EDIT- Just noticed it actually does say air force under your name...my bad
  5. keysi


    Yes, I think I am in agreement with you, and on your definition of agnosticism. I don't believe in god, but I'm not sure I feel strongly enough to call myself an atheist. Still sitting on the fence, so to speak, til I get as much facts and information as I can, though ever so slightly leaning to thinking there 'probably' isn't. I think for the time being my purposes would be to find out why people believe rather than if it's true. For the time being anyway.
  6. keysi


    Well Britain and America are allies you know....Haven't played WoW....can't get decent enough internet down at my base for online gaming. I have noticed that the definitions are a hot potato, sorry I don't have time at the minute to go right into it but put simply I don't believe in god(s) but if I were to be presented with the evidence/proof I'd happily change my opinion. I'm more here to learn than debate, at least until I learn a lot more on the subjects anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to elaborate later tonight.....if I'm not dunk

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