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  1. keysi

    When Will A Rock Become Concious?

    Bigotry -In English the word "bigot" refers to a person whose habitual state of mind includes an obstinate, irrational, or unfair intolerance of ideas, opinions, ethnicities, or beliefs that differ from their own, and intolerance of the people who hold them.- From Wikipedia. Ok then, an example of Mike Summer's behaviour - atheists have mental issues/ a mental illness. ( I'm paraphrasing but we all remember the post in question ) Enoch and Cal's behaviour - constantly belittling, mocking, ridiculing and attempts at bullying into agreement anyone who doesn't agree with their scientific or spiritual views. And in the case of Calypsis there's the incessant threats of eternal damnation, suffering torture and all the unpleasantness that entails for anyone who doesn't believe in his god. My behaviour - I used the term 'you guys' in such an way that it was only Mike Summers who chose to be offended by it. Now seriously could another creationist here honestly say that I'm the bigoted one here?
  2. keysi

    When Will A Rock Become Concious?

    Bigotry? Really? It's was a silly little joke. Get a life you sad old man. Maybe if you want to tackle bigotry you could start with Enoch or calypsis, but you won't because no creationist here seems to have the minerals to stand up to either of those two blatantly offensive bigots. I've never been intolerant of anyone who is different to me in my life.
  3. keysi

    When Will A Rock Become Concious?

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=the+evolution+of+the+rock&client=ms-android-h3g-gb&source=lnms&prmd=ivn&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjaoYvllKDLAhVDbxQKHcrSCUsQ_AUIBygB&biw=360&bih=511 I tried to post this as a picture but couldn't get it to work so just click on that link for some lulz.
  4. Well it's your own 'Kooky Talk' then because you said- since dimensions have L/W/H Sorry about the crappy copy and pasting, this phone is a nightmare.
  5. No, that's it's height. What about its width?
  6. That's not joking or trolling just 3rd grade level reasoning. As I've clearly demonstrated, "Time" is NOTa dimension, since dimensions have L/W/H and "Time" doesn't. Voila Does height have length and width? How long is 1 metre high?
  7. keysi

    When Will A Rock Become Concious?

    I'm going with Hinduism. In one of their creation myths a god creates everyone out of a bodily fluid that is unmentionable in polite company . I think it was Hinduism anyway, it's been many years since I read this.
  8. keysi

    When Will A Rock Become Concious?

    Isn't it you guys that claim we were made from dust?
  9. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    It's not just this thread, Daventry but also the other 1 or 2 I've been involved in lately. But surely science is the process, the body of knowledge and the means by which we investigate nature? Of course there are the Humanities and social sciences too, but once you start to investigate things like gods, the supernatural etc. it stops being a natural science by definition and something else? Mythology perhaps. Phew, that was close, didn't think I'd get that typed out before my phone ran outa battery and it's only half of what I wanted to say, but it's the gist 😛
  10. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    To be honest I was going to work towards the definition of supernatural and being outside the scope of what is science but I no longer see the point. I don't think there are two posters here who agree on the definition of several critical words to these discussions. So I'm just gonna go back to being here for the ride and just read.
  11. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    As Enoch would say, those are not science. Edit- except for psychology.
  12. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    Tell me, is there a major branch of human knowledge known as the supernatural sciences?
  13. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    And who exactly claims that anyone or anything CANNOT exist?
  14. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    The point is no one is trying to.
  15. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    I'm not trying to argue the case for atheism, I'm just talking about the definition. I'm not sure that discussions on an already sensitive subject will manage to go ahead smoothly when most parties can't even agree on a definition for one of the key terms.
  16. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    Atheism is the lack of belief in deities, not necessarily the belief that they do not exist. Well that's the only definition of atheist I've ever seen any atheist on this forum use. Whenever asked about their beliefs they have all said that they do not fall under the 'gods do not exist' definition. Not that anyone has listened.
  17. keysi

    So, What Exactly Is Science?

    I've tried both those lines of reasoning with him in the past, wibble, it most certainly will have no effect. I think he's either trolling or more frighteningly genuinely believes that stuff and not open to debate. What I find interesting is that if any atheist was to say the same thing about religion they would feel the effect of several tons of bricks possibly the almighty ban hammer. Ah well.
  18. Moreove, most people are "set up" to respond to certain words as if an attack on an idea they espouse is an attack on them as a being. Yup
  19. keysi

    A Walk In Space?

    Astronauts were required to maintain various flight logs. Since pens don't work in 0g, NASA spent over a million dollars trying to develop a pen that would work in space. The solution? A pencil. Is that one definitely true? I've heard it a few times before, usually it was the Russians who solved it by using a pencil but I kinda just thought it was an apocryphal tale. Would be quite funny if it's true.
  20. keysi

    A Riddle Using Deductive Reasoning

    I never realised I know so little about gears on a bike haha.
  21. I wasn't complaining Wizard Mike, I was asking about something I didn't understand. I even said in my original post that I'm not having a go. The reason I pretty much always ask questions about what creationists say is that I'm not here to argue on behalf of atheists or evolutionists but to learn about creationists. Is that ok with you or will I need to explain it again in a few weeks for about the 20th time?
  22. keysi

    Should Christians Accept Evolution Theory?

    What did the atheists who accepted ID think? That life as we know it was designed by aliens I presume? How did they suggest those aliens came into existence? Another form of biological evolution? If they don't believe in anything supernatural then that would only push us back further, and we'd really be no closer to an answer.
  23. I'm not on about any specific contradictions that have been pointed out (i'm not on about contradictions at all actually) or anyone's specific opinion on morality or fallacies with their wordview and morality. What I am talking about is that Mike S seems often to question why atheists like goku and fjuri come here to debate and that in doing so they want to be his "adversary". It was the same with that vigil guy aswell, adversary was thrown around a lot. This is a debate forum afterall, not everyone is going to agree, that is the whole point. You couldn't very well have any debates about creationism and evolution if only creationists came here that was the only subject put forward.
  24. Mike S- I'm not entirely sure what the point of that post was. Are you saying Goku shouldn't come here and debate with creationists since he is an evolutionist so clearly thinks he is part of the 'more fit' crowd? This is a debate forum after all, not a creationists-all-sit-around-holdhands and-do-creationist-things-together-forum. Several times now (but not in that post, granted ) I've seem you describe evolutionists as some sort of 'adversary', but on a forum like this what else are they going to do? Say "oh no Mike I totally agree with you?" If they didn't disagree with you there would be nothing to do here lol. I'm not having a go I just don't really understand what you're getting at when this comes up.
  25. keysi

    Atheism----Creating What Can't Exist!

    Mike Summers - does your reasoning extend to situations such as family members being seriously injured or ill? It's not the fact that they are injured or ill that makes us upset but our reaction to it? Therefore the only way to stop feeling like that is to quit as you'd say? Wouldn't that suggest that their weelbeing is not that important? I only ask because while I fully agree that your way of looking at problems works for all the trivial things that upset people on a day to day basis and even for most things that people consider devastating which are in fact nonsense first world problems that people shouldn't worry about. It's only when it gets to genuinely life threatening or changing situations that I don't think it still holds.

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