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  1. I think the concept of wee green/grey men is all fiction mate. The type of fiction for entertainment and turning a profit. Deception it is not. I doubt any astrobiologists ( awesome career, what I'm aiming for ) expect to find anything remotely humanoid. They're looking for possible life on the scale of single cells or just markers indicating organic chemistry. That said, I'm fairly certain Mars Attacks was a documentary. About the 50s.
  2. keysi

    The Supernatural Part Ii

    Pi said Based on the history of the craft of the likes of David Copperfield, Chris Angel, and Dynamo I believe a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted. Another good case study would be British illusionist Darren Brown. He has performed some of the best tricks I've ever seen (and is probably my favourite entertainer) and openly admits it's all a trick based on showmanship and often debunks his own routines afterwards. I'd particularly recommend looking into the time he went to America and convinced many top psychics and mediums he also had those abilities then admitted it was all a trick. Very incredible.
  3. keysi

    Technology Then---Technlogy Now

    Yes but in languages which are more complex in one aspect, such as the verbal endings in the likes of Latin which you mentioned will be simpler in other aspects. There's actually a decent article on it on AUG here https://answersingenesis.org/evidence-for-creation/is-there-any-such-thing-as-a-primitive-language/ Or any one of these articles from a Google search https://www.google.co.uk/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-h3g-gb&source=android-browser&q=is+there+such+a+thing+as+a+primitive+language&gfe_rd=cr&ei=eotcV-moKPLU8genhaRQ I know I'm not supposed to let the links do the talking but I can only post from my phone these days and I'm definitely NOT debating anyway, just an interesting wee side conversation. So hopefully I'll get away with it. The way complexity in language systems work is there is a balancing point between ease of delivery and ease of reception. Each can neither be too complex or too simple otherwise communication breaks down . I'll bookmark this post so when I eventually get home and to my laptop we can continue talking about it, even if it's through the private message function as no doubt the topic will have shifted dramatically by then.
  4. keysi

    Technology Then---Technlogy Now

    No, I meant about languages being more complex in the past. It's a pretty much universally known concept in linguistics that there is no such thing as a simple "me tarzan, you Jane" style language usually attributed to stone age technology level tribes. When a language is particularly complex in one area of grammar or syntax, it is usually compensated by simplicity in another. And historical linguists having first centuries been trying as best they can to recreate ancient languages, such as proto Indo-European and they have come across no evidence to suggest it was more or less complex than languages of today. And yup, I'm vaguely familiar with the antikythera mechanism, I did a fair bit of reading on them around.....ten years ago now, so also a bit fuzzy. Very interesting and good find.
  5. keysi

    Technology Then---Technlogy Now

    Languages were more complex in former times as well. There seems to be trend among them to degenerate. Can you elaborate and post some sources for this please? I've just finished a linguistics course (final exam was yesterday:D) and I never came across this information.
  6. keysi

    I'm Not A Yec (But Obviously I Am An Ec)

    Just realised a funny little thing but sadly I was too late to get in in the appropriate thread- anyone else notice how ironic Enoch's avatar is? Sorry Bonedigger and other mods, couldn't resist. I'm shutting up now.
  7. I'd actually quite like to know where Calypsis stands on this.
  8. I intend to get into a bit of amateur astronomy myself. There's a few associations for it in the area I've just moved to. Apparently you can also sometimes see the northern lights too which will be quite cool.
  9. I have to admit, Enoch gets extra points there for getting in a Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez reference.
  10. Back in '99 I was just starting high school....
  11. Wow...I was expecting a colourful tirade, that was pretty cool of you Enoch. I can also understand why you would be suspicious of people's motives after many years of debating. Glad that's sorted out.
  12. Utter nonsense and you're taking a bit of a strange, combative attitude with me for not reason. I was not saying you were wrong, I was asking why you were putting forth the arguments that you were. Please bear with me here as copy and quote doesn't work so well on a phone. You claimed to be uncovering and blowing all the lies. I asked why secular science and governments etc would lie. You said because they are under the influence of satan/they don't want people to know about your god. I asked why deceiving about the shape of the earth would suit their purposes, to which you replied - Ahhh, well in this particular case.... if the Earth is a Circle "Flat" and not spinning, then --- If you're saying there is No God....You sorta have some Problems, REAL FAST!! It's all their if you want to go back and read over it. All I asked for was an explanation WHY this is the case. Your speed to jump down my throat and think I was trying to trap you is rather bizarre and unfounded. This has happened many times on this board, for some reason several people here take a question as an attack on them. Quite weird. At least goku managed to explain your argument when you clearly didn't have the ability to and chose to become both defensive and rather offensive at the same time.
  13. See? Loosing track of your yourself a bit?
  14. You said it would at the beginning of this thread. In a reply to me.
  15. It's OK mate I was joking, I don't think when I hit edit it actually went through till just now.
  16. Thanks for speaking to me as if I'm a simple child Mike. That made me chuckle. It was just the theology of it I was curious about. Edit- I did have emoticons in that post to show that I was genuinely laughing and not being snarky but they don't seem to be showing.
  17. They may have a point with Trump.
  18. Why an earth tat is a flat disc as you suggest would require a god any more than a spherical one. I asked and quoted my question several times.
  19. Aww shucks no one is going to tell me
  20. Since you're now back, Enoch, can you explain this to me please.
  21. Can you answer this please Enoch, when you get a minute? Or anyone who would know the answer. I'm genuinely interested.
  22. I have another question Enoch, with regards to your first or second to reply to me. (Can't quote it properly just now) Why would a flat disc earth require a god any more than the spherical one we have?
  23. Ah that's what I thought. Secular science/mainstream science/atheists/whatever are in a conspiracy to cover up that there must be a God. And no doubt part of your theory they all know it is the Christian God. So my next question is, if Secular science/mainstream science/atheists/whatever really are attempting to cover up you God, what's in it for them? I mean really, to cover up God they must know and acknowledge it exists and must know the price for their rebellion and trying to recruit innocent souls to their rebellion through fake science is a one way ticket to the Even Deeper South ( think Little Nicky). Why do they go to all the trouble of making up all those fake sciences, university courses, research institutions etc just for the reward of hell when they know God actually does exist, resistance is futile so they might as well be sycophantic and have the chance of heavy and His glory etc. That's my main question really.
  24. South of England, to Highlands of Scotland. I haven't been to Antarctica and have no intentions of goin if I can help it. I'm more of a sunshine tour guy

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