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  1. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    So how do you spot the difference? Ok. Ok. http://www.angelfire.com/mi/dinosaurs/lochness.html As near as I can tell the aborigines aren't known for their excavation skills and putting a fossil together is a complex science. So they've managed to warp an oral story to the exact representation of a plesiosaur?
  2. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    Lets take argon dating. How do you know a sample is reliable for dating if you don't know the age to begin with? Point taken but you said earlier that they "appear" to be essential to the suaropid's survival. These same sailors also talked about the kraken, which today we have confirmed it to be true. It's a big ocean out there. From the third link:
  3. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    So how do you know if a sample is reliable for dating without knowing the age to begin with? Ok, as far as we know they are part of the animal's survival. Maybe they are shy of engine noises. We don't see a lot of other creatures in the see that we know about. Then here's some. http://www.genesispark.com/exhibits/evidence/historical/ancient/dinosaur/ http://www.6000years.org/frame.php?page=dinosaurs_depictions http://www.genesispark.com/exhibits/evidence/historical/ancient/plesiosaur/
  4. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    Since where on the topic how would you respond to the argument that uranium dating is valid because of the ratios and we can detect if they are contaminated?
  5. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    So how can you tell that a rock is new? As I said before maybe the air sacs don't affect a 30 footer or maybe it lack them. For one thing ships today use shipping lanes. They don't go everywhere. Second sailboats are much quieter than modern ships and sound travels faster and longer in water than on land. Actually they're many corpses that have been found and not identified. As for dragons yes I do believe they existed. You see there fossils every time you go to a natural history museum. True, though the sightings are from awhile back. I forgot. Wait, the lack of air sacs defines whether or not they are sauropods? Why is H*vind's name have a *? I've noticed it several times here. Anyway he talks about the Ica stones and how the conquistadors mentioned that they saw strange creatures on it. Even if they are fake there are thousands of depictions and stories of them. As I said before there are still many other stories about them.
  6. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    If it can happen with new lava don't you think it can happen with old lava? Exactly how do they tell? See above.
  7. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    Here's the video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg-hpw4Bz1g
  8. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    And as I stated above there ways to speed that up naturally and make it look older than what it appears. Remind me again why they aren't good swimmers. And are you talking about all sauropods or just several? Btw the monster could be walking underwater showing its back and stand on the riverside. When sailboats were popular ship's captions would witness such sightings. There hundreds of thousands of dragon legends and Marco Polo wrote that the emperor had dragons to pull chariots in parades. Why there's no reason? Assuming that's correct that still doesn't rule out stranglers. How? For example? The sauropod mentioned is smaller than its fossils, like 30 ft. So maybe either the air holes didnt affect them or they have less of them. I'll post a video on this and I only ask that you watch 20 minutes of it. He goes into a lot of detail. I forgot to mention the Spanish conquistadors wrote of the strange animals that were carved on the stones. Well think about it, if this is true then entire textbooks would have to be rewritten and people would start to question the theory of evolution. Why would someone spend all that time carving thousands of stones only to have it hidden from the public? Then why not you replicate it and see if that would happen?
  9. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    Rocks are not known to be airtight in many cases. Also leaks don't always expell all of its contents.
  10. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    Because in this case it's valid. The discussion there was about uranium dating which uses a different method than argon.
  11. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    And how do you know that's correct? I believe scientists originally used potassium-argon dating on the crater and got 65 million years. When an asteroid hits the Earth the energy it had when moving gets converted into heat which will melt the surrounding rocks. When rocks are melted the argon escapes (because argon is a gas), so when the rock solidifies it will have virtually no argon. Potassium is a relatively common element in Earth's crust, and when the rocks solidify from the asteroid impact it will have a certain amount of potassium in them. I assume you are familiar with the concept of half life. Potassium decays into argon at a known half life rate, and while we don't know how much potassium it started with we know that it started with zero argon. So by measuring the amount of potassium and argon in a sample and doing some math you can calculate the age of an asteroid impact. Wait, you're assuming you know the original content of the rock. True but how can you describe a sauropod when you haven't been exposed to western civilization? It's impossible to say what it is; it is a 200+ year old anecdote about footprint tracks from a creature that no one on the expedition saw, and since then no one has been able to demonstrate that this creature even exists. Maybe there is something out in the Congo, but without concrete proof of its existence, and not a single confirmed sighting, there is no way to guarantee that there is something to find, let alone that this creature is an extinct sauropod. I'm not guaranteeing, I'm opening up the possibility. There are many sightings of other dinosaurs in other areas. The Loch Ness monster is a classic even though technically its not a dinosaur. And I'll state again you can't prove the exctinction of anything, just its unlikely hood. Unless they live a long time and are stranglers. The only reason why its next to zero is the claim is that they died off 65 million years ago. First place how much difference are you talking about besides size? Second I believe in micro evolution which is change within a family. Ok? His carving was comparable to a preschoolers crayon drawing compared to the Mona Lisa when you compare his to the stones. He later said that he lied about faking them because right behind the camera was two local police officers ready to arrest him for selling Peruvian artifacts if he said he found them. Like I said, maybe people ARE finding them and either the American public isn't noting it or the Peruvian government is hiding it. And your point? It said a whole lot more than that.
  12. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    And how do you know that's correct? That still doesn't discount those who recognized it as a suaropod. So how do you explain the footprints in this article? http://www.icr.org/article/search-congo-dinosaur/ First place I'm not saying that they are breeding properly and second you can miss a lot even with surveillance and fly by's I agree. You can sho me an inaccurate photo of a zebra and I can still indentify it. Read link above. Wait why are they fake? They didn't just find dinosaur carvings, but pictures of (supposed) spacecraft and advanced surgery. If these pictures truly are accurate representations of pre-colonial life are you prepared to become an ancient astronaut theorist? The main guy, the doctor, that collected these stones wrote a book in where, based on the stones, he said humans originated from another planet and are at least 405 million years old. He goes on to say that the stones recall a time when aliens visited Earth and transplanted various cognitive codes into intelligent primitives creating a new man. Ever heard of ooparts? Beside I believe that man used to be far smarter than today. This may sound like a conspiracy theory but who says nobody's hiding them from the public? I helped you out by copying and pacing the second half of the article.
  13. Luke 22:35-38

    Living Dinosaurs

    I've copied and paced the second half of the article I linked.
  14. Luke 22:35-38

    Need Help In This Thread

    I'm in another forum and I need help with it. It's about uranium dating and how its valid. You can't chime in unfortunately because its between me and him. Here's the thread from the last page. http://www.debate.org/forums/science/topic/78330/8/
  15. Luke 22:35-38

    Dinosaurs Into Birds.

    This thread well discuss whether dinosaurs turned int birds. I believe that they didnt because at some point you would have an arm/wing that is useless for either grasping or flying.

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