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  1. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    Those of us who accept God's ultimate power and authority will accept that a universal flood was a supernatural event, one designed and instigated by God. Under present conditions there is just not enough water on this planet to cause a world wide flood, even if we include the subterranean water, recently discovered, it would not cover Mt Everest or many mountains of this world. So if we accept the Genesis 6 account (evidenced by so many traditions across the globe) then we have to acknowledge that a) something miraculous happened, and that something dramatic happened to the Earth's crust. After accepting this, is it such a giant leap to attribute so many of the other details to God. The Bible actually tells us that it was God that closed the door of the Ark, a detail that adds to the authenticity, and who but God could lead all c27,000 animals into the Ark? NOT God of the gaps, God of everything.
  2. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    Thee is a cave in Yorkshire, UK (‘The Petrifying Well’) where people hang up items, clothing, soft toys, umbrellas, almost anything, and they return a while later to find their object petrified. This petrification happens in a very short time, months rather than thousands of years, and is a lime-stone cave.
  3. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    I am advised that SO2 can attach itself to dust particles which then make use of the upper air currents to distribute itself, but unadulterated SO2 normally is ground hugging.
  4. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    It seems that sulfur dioxide is heavier than air, so a cloud would not have a huge spread and would hug the ground, suffocating anything at ground level. So I am not sure how a cloud could extend around the globe. I am no volcanologist though.
  5. DrBlake

    I Think, So Here I Am.

    I forgot to say one part of the lambda CDM model that I do not subscribe to is the static universe element. I am quite sure that the fact of the universe's expansion has been proved at this point, as the Bible and says and as Redshift shows.
  6. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    I never really thought about the gasses, and it seems there are quite a few. Mainly water vapor, but other gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen gas (H2), NH3, methane (CH4), and SiF4. A little research shows that sulfur dioxide rarely extends more than ten miles from the source. It also seems that the interaction between magma and water produce huge quantities of gasses, and the same from pyroclastic flows. So yes huge amounts of gas, especially when the crust may have been cracking up into continents.
  7. DrBlake

    Old Earth - Gap Theory

    "In the beginning ... the earth was formless and void." and "This is taken by Gap creationists to imply that the earth already existed, but had passed into decay during an earlier age of existence, and was now being "shaped anew" It is true that the Earth was formless and void when God's Spirit hovered over the primeval ocean, however you seem to have got this the wrong way around. If you look at the oldest Hebrew codex's it is plain that verse one is a stand alone statement, a perfect verb. In the second verse the word translated as formless seems to mean 'purposeless' or without purpose, the word void simply means empty. This very much fits with the way God created the universe. The only possible 'gap' was between God's creation of the first matter which would have instantly created both time and space, and the point at which a water planet was ready for His intervention to terraform the proto-Earth. That Gap was a very short one, but we can only make guesses as to the length of the period. However it is entirely logical that the Earth had to exist after the initial creation act, no at exactly the same time, even if that was seconds apart.
  8. DrBlake

    I Think, So Here I Am.

    Thanks Gilbo, I think I might when I get time to post.
  9. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    General science has, for as long as I can remember, puzzled over what triggered any of the supposedly semi-regular ice-ages that they say hit this planet every hundred-thousand years or so. Some theorists think that it must have been an output blip of the Sun’s energy; some even blame prolonged and extensive sun-spot activity. Others support variations in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which to me seems almost impossible; however, no one has actually been able to explain the mechanism to any satisfaction. No matter the hypothesis all state that other factors, unknown to us at this time, must be involved. So, with respect, all we can do is ask questions without any valid answers being offered, which, to be plain is easy. In any case we are left with the suggestion that, ‘other factors, unknown to us at this time, must be involved’ and I believe that those factors are the many issues caused by the world-wide flood. I am also convinced that the key to those unknown factors is evaporation. I have not thought about this issue for a very long time, and certainly when meteorology was a requirement for my job it was about weather patterns and not about ice-age triggers. So I admit that my posts may have been a little off centre here. I resigned from my post where weather issues were a requirement back on 1982, so I have forgotten more than I remember. Thinking about the issue over the past few days I can see your point, to some extent, so I think my mistake was the evaporation from the land was the cooling event. We have two sources of water for the flood, the release of subterranean water and rain, recent discoveries of huge amounts of water below the surface seems to have confirmed where much of the flood waters could have been returned after the flood, but not enough to account for all the water needed. Therefore vast amounts of water need to be accounted for. My Bible says that this was achieved through evaporation (drying by wind) which would have cooled the land. With so much water being evaporated the atmosphere would have been free of clouds, so huge amounts of heat would have leached into space, as on a clear night today. Add to this the break up of the Earth’s crust and the creation of the tectonic plates, a process that would cause a huge amount of volcanic activity under the water. The volcanic action under the oceans caused the water temperature to rise dramatically, so estimates say as high as thirty eight to forty degrees-c. The huge differential in temperatures between ocean and atmosphere will have caused massif turbulence and storms causing more rain to fall on the land for a considerable time after the flood, gradually cooling the ocean as you correctly stated. Over time the ocean/atmosphere will have achieved something close to equilibrium. However during the interceding centuries as heat was lost into space and as the land cooled still more the rain would turn to snow, further reflecting solar radiation and eventually both snow and ice, including the permafrost that we can still find today. The process will always commence from our polar caps, where the radiation is depleted by the arc of the Earth’s surface. Much of that water from the flood is now I believe bound up in the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps, which themselves contain evidence of a universal Earth’s climate, in pollen, plant and animal remains. We also have the factor of volcanic dust from the massif amount of volcanic action that the flood would have caused after the flood, accounting for a large proportion of sea-floor sediments. Once the Earth achieved a state of equilibrium, the dust settled and the clouds cleared to some extent the process reversed and the land warmed up. One factor that I and other Christians, and Bible believing Christians must factor into these summations is God, which is very much discounted by secular science. We must concede that our God is in control of everything in the natural world, no not the God of the gaps, the God of everything and in everything. There is enough information in the Bible, placed there by God, to show that the things that we think we are so clever in discovering now, were no only know to Him but were given to the writer’s of the books of the Bible as proof of that. Yet science insists that they are the discoverers, what fools to self-deceive.
  10. DrBlake

    I Think, So Here I Am.

    Hi Goku, the problem is that no one really knows how this works, simply because we cannot replicate the conditions anywhere in this universe, we can only make guesses based on how things work within our universe, which may be totally wrong. Whatever the fabric of space consists of, dark matter or some other unknown substance, we just know it's there and calling it 'Dark Matter' is just a label that may not be accurate. So my hypothesis is conjecture in the light of what the Bible tells me, there is much of the CDM that I would subscribe to, but it always surprises people how little cosmology doesn't know, hypotheses are often assumed to be fact. We have only just found detectable evidence that that fabric actually exists with the recent detection of Gravitational waves, because waves need a medium to transmit, but that was also suggested by the wave property of light. Some cosmologists suggest that this 'fabric' of space is made from dark matter, who knows if this is true or not, however, if indeed there is a boundary of the universe and if beyond that boundary there is neither space nor time, then the universe can expand until the universe runs out of energy. If the universe is expanding, we must assume that there is something tangible to expand, or as the Bible puts it 'to stretch', on the basis that we 'cannot stretch nothing'. The universe could not have been created in space, because the fabric would not have allowed that expansion, especially under the understanding that it is the fabric, or dark matter, that holds the galaxies in place. Every principle says that if we stretch something it becomes thinner, and I can see no convincing evidence that shows otherwise. As to the balloon illustration, I would agree, and the illustration I have used when lecturing was what call the 'Muffin' hypothesis, which is full of chocolate chips or currants, which represents spacial objects. The chips in the centre hardly move but the ouret ones move more rapidly away from each other (relatively). This gives us an almost constancy at the centre (even if we are somewhere close to the universal centre which the logically must be if the universe's singularity occured at a point in time or space - an event horizon) but retains residue expansion locally. In reality, although CERN has found a new particle, it is far from clear if they have indeed found the so called 'God Particle' the theoretical Higgs Boson. we just have to wait until this is confirmed in reverse observation, we can say this is the particle but until we see it doing what we say it does, it could be fairy dust.
  11. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    Mainstream science pretends to be objective, and I can attest that in 98% of cases, you only get funding if you are working toward a preset target, and the funder dictates what the results should be. If you publish a result that is contrary to the accepted theory you risk loosing funding, as has happened with the recent discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones; or you need to quickly develop a hypothesis to explain it under the accepted framework [ evolution/extended time scales etc]. There is no such thing as objective science or science for science sake.
  12. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    Meteorology is not an exact science Wibble, otherwise we would manage to have accurate weather forecasts, this is why we have over sixty theories as to how the ice-age was triggered, and many are mutually contradictory. I personally believe that this was the mechanism that made that ice-age, we had huge amounts of water to evaporate and the Bible tells us that wind dried the land = evaporation. It does seem that the flood triggered an immense climate change, from a warm humid universal climate to one that was cold. We also have to factor in tectonic action and volcanic action spilling a great deal of particulate matter and vapor into the atmosphere. This would have reflected huge amounts of heat radiation back into space. "Evaporation over the ocean is proportional to how cool, dry, and unstable the air is, and how fast the wind blows. 8 Indirectly, it is proportional to sea surface temperature. A 10 degree C air-sea temperature difference, with a relative humidity of 50%, will evaporate seven times more water at a sea surface temperature of 30 degrees C than at 0 degrees C. Thus, the areas of greatest evaporation would be at higher latitudes and off the east coast of Northern Hemisphere continents. Focusing on northeast North America, the combination of cool land and warm ocean would cause the high level winds and a main storm track to be parallel to the east coast, by the thermal wind equation. 9 Storm after storm would develop near the eastern shoreline, similar to modern-day Northeasters, over the continent. Once a snow cover is established, more solar radiation is reflected back to space, reinforcing the cooling over land, and compensating the volcanic lulls." [ICR - The Ice Age and the Genesis Floodby Michael Oard, M.S.]
  13. DrBlake

    I Think, So Here I Am.

    Unfortunately Goku, we observe and measure everything from our point in time and space, which does not always provide the real picture. You will have seen the balloon effect, where any two points on the surface of the balloon move apart much faster than the air molecules in the centre of the balloon. However in our case the inflation is rather like filling a balloon with some gas and placing it in a vacuum chamber and gradually increase the vacuum. The balloon will expand, but now the gas inside the balloon changes density, the molecules also spreading out, so we now not only have different rates of expansion between the centre and the surface, we also have a changing 'fabric' (dark matter). Despite the conditions locally being relatively constant, in other localities the rate of change is huge.
  14. DrBlake

    Ice Ages

    I depends what you mean by 'Gap Theory', I you mean that the six day creation event came at the end of a failed period that included the dinosaurs, ape-men and fairies, etc; the answer is no. If you ask was there a time period between God's creating of matter as the 'singularity' I would answer yes, anything from a few minutes to a few hundred years, but all a part of the creation event, simply because time meant nothing then. If there were no gap, there would have been on Earth for the Spirit to hover over and no water. Yes I do believe in a world wide flood, the evidence is all over the Earth, from the 70% of the land's surface covered in sedimentary rock, to the almost universal flood traditions passed on by oral and written record. The geology of the Earth, with it's upset and bent strata screams 'flood' !!! The fossil record from the Cambrian explosion says 'this is the way we died', the details of the Ark, given long before large ships were generally conceived bears the ratio I the great ships of the twentieth century; coincidence? The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but in this case the evidence is there, with no evidence of absence.
  15. DrBlake

    I Think, So Here I Am.

    Yes indeed, I am not sure what your latitude is but for most of the Northern hemisphere all or part of the constellation is hidden during the spring and summer months. The ancient Egyptians looked upon it as a symbol of resurrection because it dies and returns, they even laid out the great pyramids in the line of the three stars in the belt of Orion. It has also fascinated me for years and I have spent many hours studying the area of sky with it's nebulae, the birthplace of stars.

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