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  1. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    oh, i already know that. i'm referring to the alpha cop and to outright breaches of the law. people that have never been arrested will never know about this type of thing.
  2. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    ah yes, another idiot elevated to hero status. zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of 12 people after reviewing all of the evidence. apparently martin was suspended 3 times from school for bringing drugs to his classes.
  3. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    the institutions for this are already in place. what is needed is for the callers to have easy access to them. our 911 operators can accomplish this by better recruitment and a list of 800 number hotlines. the really bad part to all of this is there are people coming over here (and americans themselves) that will abuse the system. okay, let's do the math on this. let's say it take 1 year to train someone to be a cop and 1 year to train someone to be a social worker. you have 2 people with no training for either. person 1 trains to be a social worker for 1 year then trains to be a cop for 1 year, 2 years total person 2 trains to be a cop for 1 year then trains to be a social worker for 1 year, 2 years total. analysis: fail. your logic appears to be flawed.
  4. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    i disagree. don't make the mistake that all police misconduct gets reported. anyone with a brain in their head can easily see that the US outclasses any other country both in economics and innovation. and maybe that might be part of the problem, our humility, but it's hard to be humble when someone (or a group of someones) wants to crush your country while screaming how much better they are.
  5. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    the question i have about all of this is where is this stuff (defunding) coming from? it's easy to say it's coming from the left, the democrats, but is it really? surely democrats cannot be that stupid to believe that a reduced fund will increase public safety or attract better qualified officers. i fail to believe the democrats are behind the destruction of our historical monuments.
  6. what if

    A New Look at the Fossil Record

    i still say this must be a symptom of the technology we are using, namely "photo lithography". if we could somehow "grow" transistors, much like we now do with chip dies, we wouldn't have this problem. even then, i believe transistors must be a certain minimum width because of their lattice nature, not because of QM. a good analogy would be carbon. one carbon atom isn't a diamond. only when we get a group of them together does carbon become a diamond. this also doesn't have anything to do with QM.
  7. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    his death was the DIRECT cause of BLM, the BLM agenda is pushing socialism. but then again so is COVID.
  8. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    uh, again? what do you mean again? oh, you must mean those articles that addressed transistor FABRICATION. but i'll take a peek and see what ya got. edit: alrighty then, i'm glad to hear you say: case closed.
  9. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    what is socialism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5_DBg31ZWU
  10. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Minneapolis Push to 'Defund,' Overhaul Police Department Is Killed for Now The action followed a pledge by a veto-proof majority of members to “defund” police. The ballot proposal left many details unresolved about who would run the agency—or even whether it would have a law-enforcement division—and how it would operate after it launches in May. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/minneapolis-push-to-defund-overhaul-police-department-is-killed-for-now/ar-BB17CkPB?ocid=spartan-dhp-feeds no law enforcement division? well then, just who is going to do this vital job of ensuring our laws are obeyed? the local mob? the local gang? remember, they are calling this "defunded" and/ or "overhauling". well, let's just hope our lawmakers are simply throwing a bone to BLM instead of actually considering such unfathomable nonsense of what they are calling "defunding". please, i pray to you dear jesus, please, please, please don't let our nation go this way.
  11. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    you know, i'm sometimes tempted to draw the same conclusions, but since this is a political issue we must consider the additional variable of propaganda or maybe outside influence. there was a reason bush attacked iraq, and it sure wasn't because of "weapons of mass destruction".
  12. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    it's my guess it's BS, just like it's BS that QM is required for transistor circuit design or digital circuit design. just sayin'. we need to get bush jr. and company back in office and give them another deck of cards.
  13. this is simply awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1n5U0cGZSA&list=PLcviVtB85dLwee2BN1WLZI39rUvGnA9x5&index=2
  14. what if

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    why do i get the impression that you renting him a room makes you nervous?
  15. so, after 10 pages what scientific evidence is there that supports evolution. well, evolution is one of those magical words that can mean many things, some of those quite different than others. if we take evolution to mean "change over time" then yes evolution is a diehard fact, there is NOTHING that doesn't change over time except 2+2=4 and other similar formulas. even that nail that decomposes into a pile of rust "evolves". when it comes to life and its diversity i've noticed that certain words and phrases appears to have been chosen to either cloud the issue or not be very well defined. for example "genetic mutation", what exactly is that? complexity is another splendid example. fitness and progress are 2 more that can take on any meaning that happens to be required of them. by using a group of words like this we can now prove every aspect of evolution just by making up a story that fit the observation. sure, there is little doubt about the commonality of biomolecules among all life, the commonality of amino acids, the commonality of DNA, but that's where the commonality ends. we have scientist after scientist after scientist after scientist that questions the validity of modern evolutionary theory. we have "peer reviewed" papers getting published where the scientists involved refuse to release their data. we have demonstrated experiments that go unpublished because they go against the mainstream dialog. we have "retractions" that are entirely bogus. there are things science simply doesn't know about evolution. how life got here for one, and just what life is for another. how animal phyla arrived and the source of complexity for two more. for all the yak and talk, science simply cannot answer the above 4 points. (and that's not all)

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