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  1. I've just read the definition of "biological evolution" that this site uses, as per Forum FAQS. Great idea, as it can be so confusing.
  2. I know whar you mean, Mike. I look at the awesome majesty and beauty of creation and cannot accept that it is the result of blind chance. As Romans 1 says, those who reject belief in a Creator are "without excuse", because God's existence is obvious from his creation. And as science advances the more the mind-blowing complexity of living organisms is revealed. Still, atheist insist it's all just a happy accident! ... I suppose if you tried really hard, you could think of something equally as absurd as that, but it would be impossible to think of something more absurd!
  3. Dredge

    Darwin's Glaring Omission

    Atheists insist that they don't believe in miracles - but you could have fooled me. Accoding to them, a ridiculoously complex machine like a human body can buiild itself - that's a miracle by any defintion. Try telling any engineer on the planet that a machine can build itself and he will consider you insane; but such "reasoning" is de rigueur in the mad, sad world of atheist theology (aka evolutionary science).
  4. Thanks for your welcome. I get the 5778 years from Jewish sources - various Jewsih publications use this date. I think the Catholic Church comes up with a slightly different date. I will have to read up on the Ussher chronology that you mention. As far as I know, an old-earth belief doesn't conflict with Scripture (unlike millions of years of evolution). I don't know how old the earth is; I can't see that it's important. The Sun was created on the fourth day. (What is the "lIght" that was created on the first day? I don't know.) Are you aware that many of what you call "atheist pseudo-scientists" are, in fact, Christians? In fact, there's an entire organization of Christian scientists who accept evolution at "asa3.org."Please read my new post (#5) re ToE, in which I amend certain points made in my initial intro. Thanks for the reference to asa3.org; I'll check it out. I am not sure what you mean by "evolution", but any Christian who accepts that all life evolved from a common ancestor is in error, imo, as such a belief cannot be reconciled with Scripture - nor with science. Thanks. God bless.
  5. Due to a recent upgrade in my knowledge of evolution science, I need to amend parts of the aforementioned part of my introductory message. Until yesterday, I was under the impression that when biologists refer to "the theory of evolution", it necessarily included the theory that all life evolved evolved from a common ancestor. Apparently this is incorrect. According to Wiki, for example, ToE is "the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioural traits" - which sounds like microevolution to me. If so, then I am not opposed to ToE, since microevolution is a demonstarable and undeniable scientific fact. But Darwinists claim that the theory that all life evolved from a common ancestor (macroevolution) is a no-brainer sequitur of ToE. This is what I disagree with - microevolution doesn't necessarily imply macroevolution. So the terminology surrounding "the theory of evolution" can be very confusing - as far as I can ascertain, there are at least three theories of evolution: 1. ToE - the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioural traits - (microevolution) 2. Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection - ToE + natural selection + the theory that all life evolved from a common ancestor (macroevolution) 3. The general theory of evolution - all extant life evolved from simpler forms of life (macroevolution). So, to sum up, I am not opposed to ToE (micro'), but I am opposed to the theory that all life evolved from a common ancestor (macro').
  6. Dredge

    6 Days Or Billions Of Years?

    Firstly, thank you for your welcome. No, I'm not a gap theorist. I believe in six consecutive days - no gaps - as in Monday to Saturday. In effect, I believe in two stages of creation - the earth was in existence before the famous "six days" of creation.
  7. Thank you for your kind welcome. I have much to learn about many aspects of both evolution and creation science, but I'm not completely stupid and ignorant, so hopefully I can contribute something worth reading! At the very least, I am Catholic, which seems to be a bit of a novelty on this site.
  8. Dredge

    6 Days Or Billions Of Years?

    Not taking the six days of creation in Genesis literally leads to all manner of theological chaos. Consider, for example, the beliefs of Cardinal George Pell, a Catholic theistic evolutionist who believes that humans evolved from Neandethals and that Adam and Eve were "certainly not" real, historical people: Pell's beliefs creates massive problems for the authenticity of Scripture. For startes, there are several references to Adam and Eve in the New Testament, all of which are rendered laughably meaningless if Adam And Eve didn't exist. Then there are the two geneologies in the Old and New Testaments that go all the way back to Adam. If Adam didn't exist, these geneologies are not merely false, they are fabricated lies. So, the moral of the story is, thesitic evolution is poison and a demonically-inspired heresy.

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