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  1. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    I thought there is a Law about setting fires outside of your own property WITH the INTENT of being destructive ?? Since WHEN did it become OKAY and now 'LEGAL' to set a Police Vehicle on fire and to get together with a bunch of 'Other' people and purposely bust down some locked door of a company and take anything you want and then set ablaze the vehicles and buildings and throw rocks/Bricks and explosives at ANYONE your pissed off about?? I thought that 'If' someone just went out in the middle of ANY street and pulled a Bible and a Flag out and poured Gas/Liter Fluid on them and set them ablaze in the middle of ANY street or say ANY public Park that person would be charged with a crime?? When has it become 'Acceptable' for ANY 1 to that simply because 'They' are pissed off at another group of people etc?? Does 'The Law' not apply to someone throwing a temper tantrum ?? What does 'Burning A Bible' have to do with 'Peaceful Protest'?? What does it, 'Burning A Bible' have to do with George Floyd ?? Do we know how much Fentynyl was in his system??
  2. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Please do stay on 'Topic' here.. I couldn't find the actual post of silli talking of Q.M.
  3. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Is free speech limited to your own property over there? Starting fires in public places is NOT and has NOTHING to do with 'Speech' OR the Freedom That AMERICA allows for 'Free Speech'. Starting 'Fires' here in America outside of you working area/property IS called 'Arson' and IS a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.. Do YOU not have any such a 'Law' there in Your Country??? piasan likewise should 'Know' the differences...
  4. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Speech is one thing and not comparable to 'Actions', tis why we have always had the term /Adage "Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me (Physically)" to reflect on... It was not their 'Speaking' that was the problem it was their actions...
  5. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    The prior post i put about the Protesters Burning the Bible and the Flag should of included you.. But i did not know how to add you after i already posted it
  6. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    This is what i was talking about the 'Divide' by 'Seemingly' Pro Protesters to Anti Protesters... These Protesters are actually Burning Bibles now along with the American Flag.. I do not know how piasan or other of our 'Prior' Military Service Members feel about this. But i personally find it 'Rancid', i would be 'The One' who would seriously go right up to them and take the Bible & The Flag away 'If' i would be around that sort of absurdness..
  7. KillurBluff

    Old Earth Theology Is Incompatible With The Bible

    Welcome to the Forum SoJ.. Great read B.T.W. and thoroughly explained in my 'Opinion'.. Simply no 'Other Way' of understanding 'The WORD'.. When you say The fact that people are actually questioning this in the first place is the very same way the Serpent made Adam & Eve doubt what God said to them: "Did God really say that?". It's only too clear that the Serpent's words of doubt have lasted - and adapted - even to our 21st Century thinking. Never before in history has Genesis been under this much attack from every side, to which Romans 1:18-23 testifies as ever increasingly true. As well as this, I find it sad that many who believe in an Old Earth prefer to "side" with secular evolutionists, naturalists and secularists to defend their worldview on the age of the Earth, rather than believing in a straightforward interpretation of what God's Word actually teaches. This is st8forward and 'The Reason' as to exactly why even many 'Christians' literally SEEK alternative explanations to what is written in the Biblical Narrative.. It IS merely to try and 'Fit' the Biblical Narrative into 'Their Own Philosophical Ideologies/Worldview' due to their 'Belief' in the Scientism of the day...
  8. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Yes i was perhaps simplifying the matter.. Mostly i does seem that we have a difference 'Ideologically' in regards to whether or not 'The Police Force Here' is overtly racist or rather 'Inherently Racist'.. I personally do not believe our Police Force is... But as we read through the comments starting on page one on through it does 'Seem' there is a clear or mostly 'Clear' line between to 'Ideologies'....
  9. KillurBluff

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Has anyone else noticed that it seems in EVERY topic can basically be separated ideologically by "Those that Believe In A God/Of that it's at Least Possible to have a God" ??
  10. KillurBluff

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    And "There Ya Go Again" and trying to 'Make God' fit ONLY YOUR needs and wants.. Have YOU never heard that God is above Mankind piasan?? Have YOU ever heard that "Gods Ways Are NOT Ours"?? Do you EVER even consider God INDEED HEARS ALL FREQUENCIES!!! And KNOWS EXACTLY how to communicate with EVERYTHING HE MADE?? EVEN the 1s YOU nor i can even EVER FATHOM nor that WE have ANY maths for??? NO?? Yeah i didnt think so!!!
  11. KillurBluff

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    Perhaps you AND dave are ignorant to the 'Idea' of 'Give & Take'.. Now you two get together in private mail here and devise the 'Best' you both have to address the LONG outstanding questions that i and Sleepy House have posed to the both of ya...
  12. KillurBluff

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    Your indoctrination seems 'Complete' LMBO... ask YOURSELF & dave, Goku etc WHY does THE MATH WORK piasan?? BECAUSE THIS part is TRUE by EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that BACKS UP THE MATHS!!! Glad to see you have been PROVEN 'The LIAR' with YOUR 'Conpiracy' and 2 year RANT about me quote;"Not Addressing Newtonian Mechanic's"!! I'm guessing you 'Cognitive Dissonance' NEVER allows and OPEN APOLOGY does it you lil liar!!
  13. KillurBluff

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    There absolutely NO FALSE N.A.S.A. mentions in that post AT ALL!! EVERYTHING i stated was 1000% FACTS!!!
  14. KillurBluff

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    Years after piasan continually LIES of spewing out his delusion of claiming that i have never addressed 'Newtonian Mechanics' i shall finally show him as the st8 hack/lying manipulating non reading scientism fanboy he has ALWAYS BEEN.. KillurBluff Veteran Member Veteran Member 218 1,512 posts Gender:Male Location:S.W. Indiana Interests:Theology, Acoustics, Planting Fruit Trees on my Property. Age: 52 Christian Young Earth Creationist In. Report post Posted April 11, 2018 piasan, Indeed the entirety of J.B. Barbour & B. Bertotti's work here shows, it's not necessary for any of the Einsteinian equations for 'Gravity' & 'Inertia'. All these forces are more easily put in to reference as we (Earth) are motionless and the stars traverse around us. Are you unfamiliar with this work perhaps? You say you "must have missed it" i do believed you have not read it and or looked into the equations within this work. Grant it, it was rather difficult to actually find this work and the origin finder was required to pay for it. Many of these papers are 'Never' discussed in Academia. Clear to the reasons why, are, may i say 'Natural' Do you GOT IT NOW piasan?? IF NOT, it's ALL ON PAGE 2 HERE, LONG AGO FOR YOU TO READ!!! EVERYTHING about Newtonian Mechanics AND A STATIONARY EARTH!!! The following is for everybody including Blitz, Mike, Goku, dave, piasan, the Wobbled Wibbler, My Perpetual Student, what if etc....

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