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  1. https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/data-cdc-estimates-covid-19-mortality-rate CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New data from the Centers for Disease Control is raising questions about just how deadly the coronavirus is. The virus has had a catastrophic impact on the U.S. killing nearly 100,000 Americans. However, a new estimate from the CDC indicates a smaller percentage of people die from the virus than previously reported. WCNC Charlotte is not sharing this data to minimize the major impact of the virus, but it goes to show how much is still not known. From the very beginning, there have been questions about how coronavirus compares to the flu. In March, one of the top U.S. health officials, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said COVID-19 is far deadlier than the flu. "The flu has a mortality of 0.1 percent, this has a mortality of 10-times that,” said Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. However, new data from the CDC suggests a much lower mortality rate for COVID-19 than previously reported. In March, the World Health Organization reported about 3.4% of people with the virus have died based on the known cases at the time. However, the latest CDC estimate has a mortality rate of about ten times less than that. “The experts were expecting it to be much greater,” said Vera Rivera, a local family nurse practitioner. However, Rivera says it’s too early to draw any conclusions from the CDC data. The data is based on five scenarios, including the best estimate for a mortality rate, which is 0.4% overall. That’s about double the flu mortality rate of 0.2%, according to 2017 data on the CDC’s website. “I think we should take it with a grain of salt right now,” Rivera said. Rivera says other factors, such as social distancing and the flu vaccine, make it hard to compare the two viruses. “We truly don't know how many people would suffer from the flu if they did not have a vaccine, so it's not a good comparison,” Rivera said. Rivera says there won’t be accurate data about COVID-19 until more people are tested. The new CDC data also reported about 35% of people are believed to be asymptomatic or show no symptoms for COVID 19, according to the scenario with the best estimate.
  2. I for 1 always thought it totally 'Unfitting' that there was NEVER any airplane debris found at any of the 'Official Crash Sites'....
  3. KillurBluff

    Morality Under God Or Atheism

    Merely because of 'The Grace' that 'We' have received through "Jesus Christ", as 'Our Morality' will be "Justly Rewarded'.. 'We' contemplate and justify 'Our Morality' daily for "Our Christ Sake".... Knowing that when 'Our' race is completed 'We' shall reap our 'Promised Rewards'....
  4. Yes what if, I'm very aware of the complexity involved.. But to suggest that the woman maybe giving birth to a whale, snail, buffalo, alpaca or even a chimp 'IF' those cells accidently 'Read' and recieved a transcriptor wrong is just absurdity in it's highest fashion...
  5. That's unfortunate, we filled everything up and i filled up 2 5gal jugs as well for around the farm for mowers and our new weedeater i'm proud of lol...
  6. Seriously??? Do you honestly believe any of 'That'??? If so, what else exactly do you believe could possibly be growing within her??? A T-Rex? A Chicken? A Turtle? Perhaps she maybe bearing a White Rhino in 9 mnths......
  7. with the highest military rank Trump has ever held ..... Prep School Cadet Captain. Au Contraire piasan, perhaps you do not know he has ascended to the very 'Highest Military Rank Available'... lol, as he is now 'Commander & Chief' over them ALL....
  8. KillurBluff

    windows 10

    Thank you for that what if, i appreciate the work. And, look forward to seeing exactly what you find... Big Brother is ALWAYS watching.....
  9. KillurBluff

    Puzzles and Problems

    WOW!!! I can NOT be a bit suspicious, OH NO i'm on the "IT'S FAKE" camp 1000% LMBO!!! My gut was in knots just watching this 'Fiasco'!!!!
  10. KillurBluff

    My I.D Syllogism

  11. KillurBluff

    My I.D Syllogism

    Finally someone that appreciates my vito power to keelhaul you ass-hat trolls.
  12. KillurBluff

    My I.D Syllogism

    Well now, seeing how your bringing the 'Queen' with all her Majesty i shall lay down all arms and roll out the 'Red White And Blue for Her long awaited & overdue entrance upon me land... 'A Spot -O- Tea' and a few homemade 'Biscuit's' for Her and Her entourage, If she be in the mood for my 'Smoked Butt' then she must have that with only a rub as 'No Sauce Allowed' for 'That' merely mask the flavor of the meat.... Memphis Style B.B.Q. ONLY, no watery mixtures for 'Dipping' will be presented!!

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