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  1. This again doesnt really answer the question I made completely, but leads to the question that if the difference between the 'cultures' is lack of introspection, where does that lack of introspection come from? You mention a couple different things, from the racial disparities to the police case. Which do you want me to weigh in on first?
  2. In such instance as you describe, and where the car has not had a chance to go around and gets 'ambushed', and especially if there were weapons, yes, the occupants of the vehicle would have the right to protect themselves, by for example exiting the crowd forcefully. And even without you providing me any evidence of such situation manifesting, I do not see it that implausible that it has happened. There has been very varying kinds of people on the move. It is a nuanced situation. Now that that is out of the way... If this is the case, why, when I pointed out the 66 incidents of cars hitting protesters, did you answer like this?: I dont know if there is some kind of misunderstanding here, but to me, 100% out of 66 incidents does mean 'every single incident'. Please, feel free to correct me if I am reading this wrong.
  3. I have already acknowledged and addressed this. What relevance does this have to the topics at hand? Is the weight of our arguments solely determined on the traits of our motherland, not the evidence we provide? Because in that case I could have a couple very heavy words about dealing with Covid-19 and health care in general.
  4. siili

    windows 10

    If privacy and security is your number one concern, I would probably advice looking into using one of the Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu. They are less user-friendly, but are becoming more so, and have less compatibility, but usually have a open source version of the programs available. Also, they are free, and usually developed by people who are concerned about security and privacy, and the Linux Kernel itself lends into that. Linux also has a very active and broad community.
  5. I have not been convinced it would be worth it. It would probably be an exchange just between the two of us, and its seems we have already reached the point couple posts ago where you start to deflect and evade, so I see no point in making the effort. I will however, due to my nagging principles, answer you if you decide to open the topic on this. I am merely trying to scale back the time I spend on this forum.
  6. computer technology was not even the point of the conversation, as i pointed out in the very beginning
  7. Hundred percent. So, this one too?: 101160474_153897462844935_425443518198575353_n.mp4 The video of that driver jumping out of the car and chasing the people around with that knife thing was pretty famous for couple days. This is the aftermath.
  8. The question was not about racism or s*xism: The cultures being what Dave referred to as "white" and "black" cultures in america. Make a minimal effort and read the question you are proposing to answering.
  9. You well know that has nothing to do with the question I made. Besides I have already addressed that anyway.
  10. There has been at least 66 incidents of drivers hitting protesters so far, and i believe the most recent incidents were the two on not last Monday but the one before that. Two dead, multiple in hospital, at least one case where the driver also opened fire with a gun after ramming the people, hit a man in the arm. At least 24 people have been charged. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/07/08/vehicle-ramming-attacks-66-us-since-may-27/5397700002/
  11. This was about the supposed differences between american black and white cultures today, and the sources for those differences. Your "answer" has nothing to do with that.
  12. And you accuse me of evading. But sure, although your number one and three are basically the same thing.
  13. The part of the brain where the image is read from is the "screen", the place where the brain "sees" what the eyes are pointed at. It is the place where the raw information captured at the retinas is translated into "seeing". That is evident from the fact that you can read what a person is seeing from that location, as shown in the paper. The whole research is specifically about how the brain sees things, how that can been seen in the brains and how it would be possible to read and decode what the brain sees. What exactly is unclear here? The brain is, in the brain, no? When we can read an image from the brain, that image was in the brain, right? And when we can match that image with the image the owner of that brain was pointing their eyes at, we can say that the brain had seen the image, no? If you disagree, you need to seriously emphasize your point more, because I am barely grasping at what your problem with this is. I feel you are adding implications and qualities to words like "mind" and "Brain" that we are not in agreement about, that is why I am asking you to open what do you exactly mean when you use those words.
  14. There aren't any elections in Finland this year

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