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  1. Elephant

    Please Check Out My Book

    Personal book promotion is against the rules, so I deleted your link. Curious - Do you feel you were mocked before or after you said "I came from slime."? Pleasantries aside, welcome aboard!
  2. Svigil, stick to the topic, and cut back on the weed.
  3. Elephant

    Is Evolution Obsolete?

    No forum problems, I removed it. I think he is angry evo-babbler atheist who was here to waste our time, and now he’s been tossed back to Talk-Origins where he belongs.
  4. Elephant

    Scientists Crack Chicken/egg Conundrum

    okay, just wanted to be clear.
  5. Elephant

    Scientists Crack Chicken/egg Conundrum

    Never said it would make someone honest. But do you believe that evos are more honest?
  6. Elephant

    Scientists Crack Chicken/egg Conundrum

    Um, what? Is this a bait thread? What do you think ikester?
  7. Elephant

    Evolution Makes No Sense

    I think this thread is starting to get out of hand. I have had a few complaints and so I'm closing it. Don't carry the attitude from here to another thread. I'm trying not to suspend or ban people but I will if I have to.
  8. Elephant

    Historicity Of The Scripture

    Agreed.Please desist from the red herring and start a new thread. E.

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