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  1. jason78

    Is Evolution Responsible?

    Not really. No more responsible than gravity is for making things fall down. Atheists don't blame gods for the problems that religion causes. I don't blame Jehova for waking me up early at the weekend. I blame the people that come to my door and ring the bell.
  2. jason78

    Is Jesus God In The Flesh?

    No, but it will be around long after you and I have gone to our graves.
  3. jason78

    Is Jesus God In The Flesh?

    Not at all.
  4. jason78

    Is Jesus God In The Flesh?

    Selaginella Lepidophylla.
  5. jason78

    Is Jesus God In The Flesh?

    There is no specific law that stops things from living eternally. And even if there were a law that prevented it, there is no reason that a god could not transcend that law.
  6. jason78

    Is Jesus God In The Flesh?

    If Jesus was God in human form, why isn't he still alive today?
  7. jason78

    Random Energy Vs Intelligently Controlled Energy

    I'm glad that you think it makes sense! I've just read back through that and I'm sure I can explain it better!
  8. jason78

    Favourite Bible Verses

    I started this thread because I know that the vast majority of people here have read the Bible, and I'd like to know what some of your favourite verses are. Some of my favourite passages are from the Old Testament. Anyway I'd like to know what some of your favourite verses are, even if your a non-Christian. I think that some of the non-Christian favourites might even be more interesting than the Christian ones.
  9. jason78

    Random Energy Vs Intelligently Controlled Energy

    What's so hard to get about natural selection? In any given environment with a population of organisms there will be those that are fit to carry on living and those that die. Take a herd of zebra for example. Being fit in their environment involves being alert and being able to run away from potential predators. Any zebra that can't do that is selected against. Selection pressures need not be other animals. There are plenty of examples where a population of animals has a limited food supply. The selection pressure there would be the ability to gather enough food to eat. Natural selection doesn't reason. It's the name we give to the observation that in any given population of organisms, some will survive, and some wont.
  10. It's not the same evidence looked at from a different viewpoint. It's evidence selected that supports the conclusion that the Bible is correct about the world being created. Thermodynamic systems follow certain rules. Anyone can discern those rules without having to subscribe to a particular religion. That doesn't show that the universe needs a creator. Misapplying the theories for transmitting information along a communication line and conflating it with naturally occurring information doesn't show a creator either. If anything it shows reasoning that starts with the conclusion that there is a creator and then bending the evidence to fit that conclusion. Complex systems don't infer design. Manufactured systems infer design. If you start off with the conclusion that everything is designed, then you will see design in everything.
  11. That would be the only evidence for Creationism. But if fails to be scientific or accurate.
  12. jason78

    Snake Mutates

    Why leave anything in it's DNA at all?
  13. jason78


    Where have you been? The horizon problem was solved a long time ago.
  14. jason78

    A Very Hard Question To Answer.

    I think that the thing that's bothering you is that they wont get the same rights under the law as a legally married couple. And for once I agree with you. Marriage is more than just a piece of paper. Total commitment to another human being can't be legally mandated, it's something you have to want to do. Not something you can be made to do.
  15. I(f) = (2hf^3/c^2)(1/(e(hf/kT)-1)) The prediction of how the microwave background should appear compared to the actual observation of it was so close that it is considered one of the best pieces of evidence validating current cosmological theory. The one where he proposed that Earth ( and the rest of the universe ) was formed from a white hole in a huge gravity well, thus causing great time dilation enabling the Earth to be only 6000 years old while leaving the rest of the universe billions of years old.

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