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  1. If you’re someone like me - one of those out there in the world - desperately searching for answers to scriptures. In particular - answers as to ‘who’ and ‘what’ the Bible refers to as the ‘Beast’- (found in the book of Revelation). Then I understand your quest - and determination - to find out just ‘who’ or ‘what’ his identity is. Hello - my name is Wes Highland - and I’ve been studying in the field of archeology for over thirty years. During that time - I have also spent a considerable amount of my life learning about the world’s various religions and religious practices; from ancient times - right up to our day. I started this blog with the intention to help others read and discover evidences which I have documented over these many long years. For those of you out there interested enough to follow along with this post - reading about the bits of ‘truth’ provided by these evidences - is going to be the beginning of one amazing adventure. As for others - who after reading this information - decide to turn away in disbelief. Trust me - I understand how you feel - over the years I’ve experienced these same reactions. However - after working on this topic for as long as I have - I have come to the conclusion that this is all very real. Made evident by religious history - archeology - and more importantly - the LORD’s direction. And so dear readers - with this in mind - I leave the end of every conclusion up to you. Whether you believe this or not - will be between you - GOD - and your faith. One last thought before we start - I need to explain that I do not belong to any formalized church or religious sect. I am not here to promote any man made doctrines or ideas. Nor am I interested in starting any select group of people as a following. I have dedicated this site to GOD - and discovering GOD’s truth is my one and only purpose. So please understand - that the documented evidences provided here - will involve just the scriptures and related historical events. And now - the time is at hand for you - the children of GOD - to understand who and what the antichrist is all about. There is so much information on this subject - that it will take a ’series’ of posts released periodically to cover all this. Now if you’ll notice below - I’ve included two website addresses. If you can access the website information from this location - it should take you straight to a site that has a carved artifact showing three entities. The one on the left is named Agribol (the Moon god)- notice the ‘quarter’ moon image that surrounds his head. The one on the right is Maklakbel - aka -Yaribol (the Sun god) and the image in the middle is the one which the Bible calls BAAL. The second website listed below should take you to one (and there are thousands) of Baal’s temples. As you study the carved images - take note - this is very important - the image in the middle called Baal - is wearing ‘PERSIAN CLOTHING’ - the two other entities are not. As you follow along in this series - all these things will be explained. And if for some reason you’re unable to access these websites from here - then I suggest you copy and paste them to your URL address box - it should take you straight to the site. For all those out there in search for GOD - this will be your first step towards uncovering the truth. My hope is that all of you will continue along this journey. http://www.usask.ca/antiquities/Collection/Semitic_Gods.html http://www.policultura.it/cd/palmyra/ita/4...n_si_audio.html If anyone is interested in learning more about this topic - just click on the address site below. http://sabboath.xmgfree.com/

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