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  1. scott

    Nimrod And His Cities...

    Yes both did kill a lion. What is interesting is that how most every story is paterned after the Gilgamesh story. Studying these ancient cities is probably the closest thing we have going back to the end of the Flood.
  2. scott

    Nimrod And His Cities...

    Nimrod's name is enscribed on an ancient dike and surrounding structures in Calah. It's in a 1911 Britanica wiki article, even though I personally don't like the secular leanings of wikipedia, it does have some good information. I'm sure I can find more articles on it though. I have thought the same as well. This is another thing that I would like to discuss in this thread.
  3. scott

    Feathered Dinosaurs

    As you will notice with most complete fossils like this... they were buried alive, during a flood. Hmm, I wonder why... Evolutionist would have you believe that almost all of these dinosaurs died by a river, which makes no sense. Especially when we find Sauropods (100+foot long neck dinosaurs) buried as well. I guess dinosaurs just loved to die by rivers.
  4. scott

    Feathered Dinosaurs

    Yes dinosaurs most likely had feathers. Probably not covering their entire body, but yes most of them were probably warm blooded. Their eggs were also hard shell, and not soft shell like most reptiles. Plus if you look at the features of their skeletons they really do mostly resemble birds. I'm not saying they evolved, but the therapods especially have the closest relation. Let's not forget that our interpretation of dinosaurs has never been perfect, and we can only look at ancient writings of dragons if we want a little better picture of what dinosaurs were like when alive. Which in most cases is hard to explain as well.
  5. Lets go back in time, and explore the world right after the flood. The cities are the ones started by Nimrod, who's grandfather was Ham the son of Noah. The cities in this discussion include Babel, Erech,Accad(Sumer), Calneh, Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir, Resen and Calah. This is Babylonia...the land of Shinar/Assyrian Empire. One may ask why exactly this is important? This is extremely important because these cities founders are Nimrod, and he is most likely the founder from which almost all the ancient false gods are from. The archaelogical discoveries of Nimrods name being mentioned as the founder of Calah, and other cities show a glowing truth. The Word of God, because this shows that the Noah's Flood story is actually older than the Sumerian Gilgamesh story simply because it's quite obvious if Nimrod was these cities founders...especially Accad/Sumer. In all the Mesepotamian flood stories they all have a hero like Nimrod, and that is very interesting. Many people do not realize this, and I am convinced that this would create a huge blow to the atheistical community as whole who wish to make claims that the Bible plagarized the flood story, and thus cannot be trusted. To find a solution to the problem, you have to travel to the heart of it. Nimrod puts a huge dent in the modern secular ideas that Gilgamesh, and any Greek story is older than the Bibles flood story.
  6. This just boggles my mind. Why would anyone logically think that Zebra stripes could be the result of biting flies. That makes no sense. As a matter of fact it makes evolution seem as though it has eyes, and is some sort of god that just knows that combination will work therefore making it magically evolve.
  7. scott

    Evolution Question

    There is no such thing as junk DNA. Just because you don't know how a combustion engine works, doesn't mean it's magic.
  8. I do not believe that teaching creation should be taught in schools simply because of what Ikester said. If you teach one, then you have to teach them all just to be fair. Some of the Biologist teachers I was lucky enough to have did not state that evolution was a fact. Most Biology books should have a disclaimer saying in the Beginning " We don't know, but there are many ideas about how we came to be from religions to atheistical evolution." Oh well, I don't truly believe that the majority in power is Christian, because if that were so then those in power should reflect our core values. They do not, and our country as a whole is showing that.
  9. scott

    Science Is Working On It

    A long time ago I stated that atheist give nature a state of being. It is their god of sorts, like science. The same thing applies to evolution. This thread just reminded me of that.
  10. Tharock220, Mendels experiments in Genetics have everything to do with DNA. If no DNA was present, then Mendel could not have existed, and neither could have his experiments. Pointing out that DNA wasn't discovered yet, doesn't mean it didn't exist at that time. Mendel's Laws are alot better at explaining Breeding/Genetics than any other Evolutionist Conjecture. Evolution must be proven through Mendels Law... It has not done that yet, and I highly doubt it ever will. So claiming that Mendels Law has nothing to do with DNA is ludicrous, and I call you out on it. Explain yourself please.
  11. scott

    Oil Production

    Do you think that America really needs Middle East Oil? I'm wondering about this because it seems to me that America has more than enough to supply its own oil. Germany made it's own fuel from clay I believe back in World War 2. It just seems reasonable that we would be able to pump enough fossil fuels from our coasts, and Alaska to fuel our own needs for a few centurys more until we can rely on an alternative source.
  12. scott

    Oil Production

    Wow Ikester, that's alot of information! Thanks for bringing it up! Mike I like your explanation, and it's real sad that people get so caught up in greed. Christ is the only way to straighten this out.
  13. scott

    Dinosaurs Co-existing With Man?

    That's a good one, and is probably what would happen too. I wish someone would finally put the Ica stones to the ultimate test, but it seems as though evolutionist want to just hand wave it away each time.
  14. scott

    What Is A Fact?

    Yes evolutionist are typically known for ignoring large amounts of evidence against them. LongHotFebrurary, If you can't attack the evidence, and insist on attacking the debater. Then why are you here? Those trees go against your world view, and I can assure you that there is plenty more evidence where that came from.
  15. scott

    Oil Production

    I would like to dedicate this thread to the discussion of oil. I would like to know why Scientist think that oil is only fossil based, and why they think that it is none-replenishable. I would also like to discuss synthetic oils. Oil is a carbon based product, made from dead organisms. Then why can't we continually produce oil. Man has the ability to create diamonds from compressed carbon, so why would that even stop us from making tons of replishnable oil from our own waste. It seems extremely simple to me. What say you?

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