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  1. Very impressive list. Mine's bigger: http://ncse.com/taking-action/project-steve http://ncse.com/taking-action/list-steves And that's only the Steves.
  2. Ooooh, do you really think I could? That sounds really tempting. I mean, I already have a husband and two kids, but I'm getting a little bored after 20 years of marriage. And since I'm an atheist, what moral code is keeping me shackled to this humdrum crew? And since all three of them are non-believers as well, they oughta understand! I mean, I can have a little fling on the side, since there's nothing and nobody who can tell me I can't, right?
  3. JudyV

    Dear Non Christians,

    If you want to feel self-righteous and martyred, that's up to you. You may, however, want to ask yourself if the methods you are using are productive or counter-productive in the effort to win people over to your point of view. Actually, that's something we should probably all ask ourselves.
  4. JudyV

    Proselytizing for Atheism

    I like what Arch said. Especially the last few paragraphs. Adam, is this conversation distressing you? Maybe Arch is right, and you should take a break. You keep referring to the hypothetical "young Christian" but maybe you're talking about yourself? Pascal's Wager is a very flawed bit of logic. The first flaw is it presents a false dichotomy. It says "If I'm right about Christianity, I go to heaven. If I'm wrong, I'll be oblivious. Therefore I win either way." Surely you can see the flaw inherent in this argument. For example, there's the possibility we're both wrong. If we can't prove things about the supernatural realm, it could be that Muslims are right, and all others (including atheists) are doomed. Or that Mormons are right, or that Scientologists are right. The next flaw in Pascal's Wager is that it's saying "It's better to attempt to believe something that is an obvious bit of fabrication (obvious to people like me, I'm not saying it's obvious to people like you), and hedge your bets, than to be honest." Of course I could try to lie to myself and others, and say I believe in the literal Bible, but doing this would negatively effect my life in so many ways. If I found that I could convince myself of this, after much self-hypnosis or something, I'm sure I'd be able to convince myself of other equally preposterous falsehoods. I'd become a hypocrite. I dislike hypocrisy. Therefore I would rather tell the truth as I see it, to myself and to others.
  5. JudyV

    Proselytizing for Atheism

    Why, I could ask you the same question! Isn't that interesting? I don't go out and proselytize. I don't stand on the street corner accosting strangers and trying to get them to change their minds to my POV. I enjoy talking to people like you, however, who do exactly that. People like you who think they can prove that believing in their particular version of a supernatural entity, to the exclusion of all other supernatural entities that others believe in just as fervently, is rational. These people usually get pretty hot under the collar after awhile. I won't lie to you, there is a certain amount of entertainment value in that. I know, I'm being evil again, sorry.
  6. JudyV

    Proselytizing for Atheism

    I don't think I'm trying to achieve anything, except maybe to get people to see the truth about their belief systems. I guess you think we should never tell kids that Santa isn't real, either. It really spoils the magic of Christmas for them, plus it's a really handy tool to get them to behave themselves.
  7. JudyV

    Proselytizing for Atheism

    You see that as taunting? Next you're going to tell me "Get thee behind me Satan!"
  8. JudyV

    Proselytizing for Atheism

    All I did was tell you how I feel, and from this you extrapolated all of that? You imagine that I'm gleefully chortling while imagining some "young" Christian being swayed by what I'm posting. All I can say is the freedom I am most happy about, is the freedom from fear - fear of thinking the wrong way, and believing the wrong thing.
  9. JudyV

    Proselytizing for Atheism

    Does the understanding of how things work diminish their value and beauty? Is a sunset less beautiful because I don't believe that God himself took a paintbrush and painted it onto the firmament just for my enjoyment? Hardly. Just because I understand that love is an emotion that is probably shared by most social mammals doesn't diminish the love I feel for my husband and kids. As far as "this materialistic, godless society" is concerned, are you referring to the USA? You know, the place where 90% of the population claims to believe in God? If there are things wrong with this society we live in, let's not blame me and the other godless members of it who comprise less than 10% of it.
  10. JudyV

    Ken Miller

    I have a feeling Ken Miller is more of a sort of generalized theist, rather than a "true Christian" as in someone who takes the Bible literally, which in your vocabulary seems to be the definition of "true Christianity." I can respect someone who feels God exists, but doesn't twist physical evidence to fit preconceived notions. Like I've said before, I have no problem, and can't argue, and don't even want to argue, with anyone who admits they believe because they have faith.
  11. JudyV

    Ken Miller

    I can see how much it terrifies you to even contemplate giving up your "foundation." It's okay, you can let go of the feather, and everything will be okay. You can still fly without it.
  12. JudyV

    Ken Miller

    I'm going to try to put into words how this post makes me feel. It makes me feel wonderfully, gloriously, marvelously free. It makes me feel like I have so much to look forward to in this short, temporary but inestimably valuable life of mine. What could be better than knowing that there will be more amazing discoveries to be made, both by me personally and by the scientific community at large? Why do we have to maintain, against all the evidence, an unchanging, invariable view of reality? I feel excited and giddy, knowing that my word view isn't being constricted by one of the many scriptural beliefs that are currently available. Just wanted to share the emotions that I felt when I read your post, Adam.
  13. That's the difference between you and me. I wonder why we feel hunger, why we love beauty and hate ugliness, why we enjoy being entertained, etc. It's a mysterious existence we're living, alright. For answers, we turn in different directions. You look at the mysteries we experience and say "supernatural, God, something I may not understand right now, but I trust I will understand it, someday...." I look at the wonderful mysterious I experience and wonder "hmm, how does that work? How did that come into being? What is that for? Let's try to explain that." Maybe you were one of those kids at the magic show who didn't wonder how the rabbit got into the hat. But I was always one of those kids who wanted to know how the magician sawed the lady in half. Before you start talking about mechanism vs agency (I have amazing powers, I can foresee the future!), think about it: How does a tsunami happen? Is God the agent who is using the mechanism of a deep sea earthquake to move the ocean in a gigantic wave? What about thunder? Is God just using the static electricity in the atmosphere to make lightening flash and thunder rumble? Inserting an agency into the mechanism of these natural occurrences seems a little silly to me. Inserting an agency into the mechanism of human reproduction, for example, seems just as silly.
  14. I get it. All nouns describing qualities and ideas = supernatural things. So beauty and ugliness are supernatural too? Cowardice and bravery? Even hunger and loneliness. All supernatural, right? You're welcome.
  15. I'm starting to figure out that your phrase "core epistemological method" is code for "holy scripture" without which you feel you would lack a foundation. Am I close?

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