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  1. de_skudd

    Who Is God?

    I know... right!!!! Sometimes we have to just shake our collective heads, and wonder why people don't (or won't) accept the truth (no pun intended).
  2. de_skudd

    How Does Software Evolve?

    Intelligent Evolution? Two questions then: (1) Is there actual scientific evidence that "intelligence" acme from non-intelligence? (2) from what did Evolution evolve (i.e. give actual scientific evidence from where evolution came? In other words, BOTH of your connective words are presupposed, and are nothing more than subjective blind faith. Ahhh... But both 'developed' AND 'evolution' begs for an "Originator" then, there is NO logical/scientific alternative!
  3. de_skudd

    The Trouble With Truth!

    If you want an indepth explanation of what "Truth" actually is, you can read about it here: ( http://evolutionfairytale.com/forum//index.php?showtopic=1924 )... That should give you a better understanding.
  4. de_skudd

    What Will Humans Look Like In 100,000 Years?

    The word "may" renders the opinion as subjective.
  5. de_skudd

    Cheerio Everyone!

    I took a couple of years off from here myself...
  6. de_skudd

    The Trouble With Truth!

    Your conception of truth is flawed slightly Mike, but that slight flaw makes a BIG difference. The "truth about the cost of bologona" has not changed, ONLY the cost of bologna itself has changed. The 'truth' is that the the cost of bologna WAS $5, but it is NOW $6... Truth didn't change, only the price of deli-meat did. This is what is known as a 'relative' truth. It is NOT 'relative' as relativists attempt to claim, it is simply 'factually' relative! For example: if it were 101 degrees where I am, and only 60 degrees where you are, my saying "its HOT" is a truth relative to my location. And your location has no bearing on me at all! You may be cold at 60 degrees, while I am hot at 101 degrees; BOTH statement are true, and neither affects truth, nor makes truth change (because truth does not change! It is not malliable in that way).
  7. de_skudd

    Why Atheism Is A Religion

    If you don't want to get involved in the conversation, maybe you shouldn't initiate a twist on the conversation, then run. Just saying... Anyway, the "Lack of belief" in something is the SAME as "Believing Against" that thing, and therefore does NOT relieve you of the Burdon of Proof (or Bradlaw's Folly). This is the logical fallacy that many atheists attempt to use to keep from actually defending their religion; which is basically a lazy proposition! Another thing to point out here is that your argument is self defeating, in that on one hand you first link attempts to say that due to the "absence of belief in any God' you have no need to support your claim against God, and yet your third link clearly states that you have a "belief that there is no god". And, WHENEVER you make a claim, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to defend your claim with evidences and proofs. Therefore, your attempted correction fails.
  8. de_skudd

    Why Atheism Is A Religion

    "Seeing" no evidence for God, in no way "Means" there is no evidence FOR God. The "Blind faith" FOR atheism can just as easily be due to one's 'ignoring' evidences FOR God (or a "Blind Faith" AGAINST God)
  9. de_skudd

    Why Atheism Is A Religion

    Not necessarily... It could be if you did so sans any evidence at all, much like the atheist that believes in abiogenesis, intelligence from non-intelligence, (etc...). But, my conversion from atheism to Christian theism was due to the historical evidences of Jesus Christ, logical evidences (Ontological argument, teleological argument, etc...) and other proofs.
  10. de_skudd

    Even Atheists Have Faith!

    Indeed Mac Townie... But this is the self-same "Faith" the atheist used when: 1- Arguing against God (or gods)! Whilst hoping that eternity (anything after death) doesn't contain God (or gods). 2- Arguing against Hell! Whilst hoping that eternity (anything after death) doesn't contain hell. 3- Arguing for things like Abiogenesis! 4- Arguing for things like 'Life from Non-Life'! 5- Arguing for things like 'Intelligence from Non-Intelligence'! In ALL of the above, the Atheist has, at the very least MORE faith than the Theist... Even a "Blind Faith"! I might also suggest, that the Biblical quote that you have taken out of context, in no way suggests a "Blind Faith" of no evidence. One can "Hope for" things based upon inductive principles, even though they have NOT seen that thing they are hoping for. In other words, The Christian can "See a healing" in other Christians, and "Hope for" that same healing in them selves! Your analogy fails because you are superimposing your Atheistically 'presupposed' worldview upon it. I may also add, that NO Christian scientist proceeds in the manner that you have attempted to describe in your last four sentences.
  11. de_skudd

    What Will Humans Look Like In 100,000 Years?

    Humans, if we are still on this Earth, will look the same as we do today. Which is basically as we always have.
  12. de_skudd

    The Trouble With Truth!

    1. You were correct, in that I was responding directly to your post Fjuri. And the definition of truth is the 'standard' by which we move forward on the subject, as the definition of truth is self evident. If you wish to further argue that 'relative truth' has some validity in reality, I would suggest providing evidences (or proofs) to support such a stance. I'm not interested in your having to 'defend the thread', because it wasn't your thread. I am only asking for you to defend your postes opinions. By the way, I am not attacking you, so please don't take it as such, rather I am dissecting your posts in order to get to the truth of it (no pun intended). 2. I appreciate your honesty in "perceived evidence", but I might suggest that the atheist uses the self-same "GAP" excuses (example: 'Evolution of the gaps' etc... Or "Abiogenesis did it" etc...)
  13. de_skudd

    The Trouble With Truth!

    There is no such thing as "perceived truths" , except in one's mind. And in that, it fails the very definition of truth. The 'relativists' attempt to validate anything else as truth fails at its own base.
  14. de_skudd

    Hello To All

    Hello, and Welcome to the forum!
  15. de_skudd

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome JohnG... There is no difference between Christian Theistic thought within the scientific arena, or Evolutionary Theistic thought within the scientific arena, or Atheistic (Theistic) thought within the scientific arena. All three burden science with their presupposed worldview.

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