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Found 1 result

  1. rosewhite

    Satan Rules Wikipedia?

    I just decided to check some internet facts about Genesis and naturally Wiki has top position in the search results and regarding Genesis states: Genesis is the Creation Myth. So I thought for a moment and then realised that as Satan said his first task to make people abandon God was to get people to believe himself to be a myth and thereby have The Fall seen as myth and thus God also a myth all he had to do was inspire the editors of Wiki and such popular information sources to ensure Creation was referred to as a myth - which they do so. To do this he would induce people and scientists to foster evolution as a fact in which scenario humans having evolved from spontaneously linked/generated from atoms in the soup of condensed Big Bang dust all talk of a Supreme Being would be seen as nonsense - which is exactly what we find in a lot of scientific papers and the writings of various communists, mystics, and Old Earthers. Wiki contributors push evolution with a zealousness that is amazing! Satan will be proud of them. Wiki says Human Evolution: Primates emerged from other mammals 85 mya. Homo habilis 2.3 mya. etc Wiki's Owner and editors faithfully go along with Satan knowing perfectly well that millions of people around the world will see Wiki's versions as top of each search and will be misled by what they first read. As the owner/founder of Wiki refuses to take any part in running or directing it he is guilty of being one of Satan's chief supporters.

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