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Found 1 result

  1. I just sat through half a program about asteroids until I gave up in disgust and sad amusement. Prog was about a guy works at the big telescope on Mauna Key, Hawaii, and spends his time charting meteorites and asteroids because he and many others think Earth has been bombarded by them millions of times in the LAST 4.5BILLION YEARS! Anyway one day or night he spotted one asteroid whirling its way around the sun in the big eccentric orbit these things are wont to do and he saw it had a tail. It is 'KNOWN' that such tails mean the asteroid is covered in water and this water vapour being lit by sun and stars is what gives the tail. Got that? It is KNOWN! Now this is only the second such asteroid ever seen which means that there isn't that much water in outer space? But - wait for it! - the impacts on Earth of many such asteroids is what gave the Earth all the billions of trillions of gallons of the stuff that sloshes round our planet! I kid you not! Not only that but according to the fairytalist Earth used to be closer to the sun - well, over 4.5 billions years it might have drifted a little away so we are now just ideally placed? And being close it was a red hot lump covered in glowing lava - definitely not the place for life to spark into being? But over those 4.5 billion years the earth started drifting away from the sun and began getting blasted by these asteroids which despite hitting at such tremendous speed they vapourised they somehow left lots of moisture behind! The fairytalist 'postulates' that many such impacts eventually supplied enough water to our baked lava sphere as to not only provide all the rivers, oceans and springs but also miraculously all this water started up Earth's seasons! And one day a couple of molecules met in pondslime and sparked life! Well actually he didn't say that as he perhaps couldn't think that deeply - so I postulate that if earth did get enough water from asteroids to cover 66% of the surface then obviously that water would start up the weather cycle that obligingly sucks water from the oceans and drops it on the mountains so it runs down to water the land so it becomes fertile and we can all live happily ever after. And the atheists and 'scientists' say we Young Earth Creationists live in a cuckooland! Oh one more thing. He claimed the asteroids are powered by 'photon drive' being light from the sun hitting them and reflecting and the reflected light being photons that have power and drives it away! But when I tell the Pondslimers who refute God and Creation that God lit the stars they went on their way with their own starlight power they laugh at me!

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