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Found 1 result

  1. Here is something that bugs me for a while. I've been working on the artificial insemination of farm animals like sheep and dogs. Despite being very interested in the science and technology of it, I was a bit concerned about this delivering the same results as natural insemination like putting the bull on a cow. The sperm is for instance deep frozen and leaves the area surrounded by heavily loaded blood vessels. However those were just animals and they'd reproduce naturally in the future. So my concern was rather limited. Later it came to my mind that one can do the same with humans, given that they biologically function the same way like mammals, and this is actually done. So I wondered what impact this does have on the spiritual side of a human being. Is the spirit passed on from the father (likeness of Adam and the whole paternal line a human being may have)? Or is that artificially conceived creature, just a biological animal that happens to have the same genome class and looks like human beings without a spirit that was passed on? Just to state what I presume about animals is that they've an animus (soul), but that they won't have a spirit in the image of god like Adam had, when he was created. That likeness was of course disturbed by Adams transgression in Eden, but there was still a spirit that dwelt inside of him although not perfectly in control anymore and given to the lust of the flesh, which ultimately killed him. This unperfect spirit was passed onto his descendants as well, if they were naturally conceived.

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