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Found 4 results

  1. I realized/pondered this this morning. Atheism (and maybe some other worldviews) do not provide a foundation for people relationships at all. Thinking of 1st John 4. I'll read again. I don't think I'm wrong but could be.
  2. There is a differance between our relationship with say a clock and a person. You can discuss the differences. You often have to follow or lead someone to relate to them. Sometimes (or all the time?) the relationship involves trust. It's my belief that you can't have a relationship with a nonliving thing.
  3. I'm really bad with people relationships, but here is a simile (not to be confused with smile). Teeth are like committed/neighborly relationships if you ignore them they'll eventually go away.
  4. I think a case could be made for biological relationships being designed. Animal kinds each have a specific dynamic intelligence they use. Also taught in schools they are programmed with instinct. Should a food chain or animal sociology even exist if organisms unintelligently adapted over time?

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