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If Evolution Is True...

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Guest Keith C

Should it be the democratic freedom of the people, or the evolutionist way? In this case majority view is not working in the evolutionists favor like everything else does. Some pople just cannot stand competition when total control is what they want.


Scientific questions are not decided by majority vote or even by public debate and the applause level for the different participants. Scientists are the best qualified to decide what should be taught in science class.


The latest Pew poll figures:-

"Nearly all scientists (97%) say humans and other living things have evolved over time – 87% say evolution is due to natural processes, such as natural selection. The dominant position among scientists – that living things have evolved due to natural processes – is shared by only about third (32%) of the public.


Views on evolution vary substantially within the general public, particularly by religion and attendance at religious services. A majority (57%) of white evangelical Protestants hold the view that humans have existed in their present form since the beginning of time. Most Catholics and white mainline Protestants say humans have evolved, though they are divided about whether this is a result of natural processes or whether evolution was guided by a supreme being. Among the religiously unaffiliated, by contrast, 60% say humans have evolved due to natural processes."

From chapter 5 of this report:-


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So that justifies hiding the real number from the masses?


Who's hiding it ikester? You found it didn't you? Can't be too well hidden ;)


We often use percentages when numbers get extremely large. I think you would struggle to think up 6million differences between apes and humans. Even more unlikely do I think you could come up with 24million similarities. We use percentages when it become difficult to wrap ones head around large values. There is no conspiracy, there is nothing hidden. Percentages are used all the time, in every single field, and not just science. Why is it you get a bee in your bonnet only when it involves evolution? Shouldn't you be crusading against every percentage that's used? After all, every single percentage hides the actual figures. I think to find the answers to your questions all you need to do is look internally.





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When I say that absolutes exist only in math I'm doing so by implying that equations and formulas in math alone are absolute, but when used in correlation with an observation of the real world, math can only be used to determine truth about the observation to a certain degree of certainty.


Is that absolutely true? Because if it is, then either your observation on math is incorrect, or your observation on the real world is incorrect!


What you have promulgated as a fact above, is in fact "self defeating".

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