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Salvation And Copyrights.

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I often see ministries copyright everything they do. I can see a reason for books. But videos, sermons, and pics?


You see copyrights make it to where one has to "buy" what God has "given" you as a gift to reach others. Does anyone remember why Christ got mad when he went into the temple where the money changers were? They were selling sin atonement at such a high price the poor could not afford it. Therefore sin atonement was more for middle class and the rich.


When we copyright material that can be put on the web, can be shown in churches, etc... To where it cannot be shown. And may not reach others. We are saying that salvation comes at a price, and unless you can pay that price. My gift God has given me to reach people cannot be experienced by you. So either pay up, or do without.


So is salvation a free gift, or should we pay for it?


Case and point:


Kent H*vind (CSE ministries) did not copyright material and encourage people to make copies and pass them around. Because of this, people all around the world were able to see his message. And this happened in just a few years of his ministry operating. His material to this day is passed around and still brings people to Christ. But what if he copyrighted all of it and did not allow anyone to see it unless they paid for it? What if he did not allow people to copy it and pass it around?


Regardless of what we may think about H*vind and what he did, he is responsible for getting the YEC message out there more than any other ministry I know of. And that is one of the reasons so many evos hate him. and even though he is in jail, his message is still alive and it urks the evos that it still has a strong effect on people.


Now think about the world wide effect if every ministry did this? If their material was made available to anyone to use and post on the internet as well as other places.


Now why is this important?


The reason it seems one side is winning the debate and conversion of people. It's because even though they copyright their material, our tax dollars make sure everyone gets taught their ideas, while that does not happen for us. So to compete on the same level we have to also make this information available to everyone who wants it. And how we do it is make it as free and accessible as their stuff is.




My site has over 40 gigs of available bandwidth per month. I average only 10 gigs per month. So I offered to host one of the files from CSE for their down load page so my bandwidth would be used instead of going to waste. They told me that not only was that not enough just for one file. That doing that would slow up my site because they get several people at one time downloading. And it's more like 40 + gigs per week per file.


This shows that there is a need and want for the information, because even though H*vind is not running the ministry. The need of his files, and his ministry meeting that demand, is touching 1000's everyday. So if other ministries did this, and allowed their sermons and teaching material to be downloaded and passed around. How many more would be reached?


But what about the money ministries make from copyrights when they sell stuff?


This would be considered one of the tests that a ministry must go through. Even though it will not make as much money, the ministry would have to rely more on God to provide for them to operate. Now what does God's word say about relying on Him more and on yourself less?


Case and point:


Even though CSE ministries went through many things because of what H*vind did, including almost losing all the property. When they asked for the money to save the land, God made sure they got it. So instead of having the money on hand because of money made through copyrights, CSE ministries allowed God to intervene and God came through.


So should salvation be the free gift, or do we become the money changers which deny it to those who cannot afford it?

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