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Presuppositional Apologetics?

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Quite probably one of the best Presuppositional Apologests ever; and maybe even a better apologetic debater than William Lane Craig (And that's saying something):









Bahnsen a proponant of the Transcendental Argument for the proof of God, totally dismanteles Gordon Stein in the "Great Debate".



One of my favorite exchanges in the debate:


Dr. Bahnsen: Are all factual questions answered in the very same way?


Dr. Stein: No, they are not. They’re answered by the use of certain methods, though, that are the same - reason, logic, presenting evidence, and facts.


Dr. Bahnsen: All right. I heard you mention logical binds and logical self-contradictions in your speech. You did say that?


Dr. Stein: I used that phrase, yes.


Dr. Bahnsen: Do you believe there are laws of logic, then?


Dr. Stein: Absolutely.


Dr. Bahnsen: Are they universal?


Dr. Stein: They’re agreed upon by human beings. They aren’t laws that exist out in nature. They’re consensual.


Dr. Bahnsen: Are they simply conventions, then?


Dr. Stein: They are conventions, but they are conventions that are self-verifying.


Dr. Bahnsen: Are they sociological laws or laws of thought?


Dr. Stein: They are laws of thought which are interpreted by men and promulgated by men


Dr. Bahnsen: Are they material in nature?


Dr. Stein: How can a law be material?


Dr. Bahnsen: That’s a question I am going to ask you. Thank you!


Dr. Stein: I would say no


[MODERATOR: Dr. Stein, you now have an opportunity to cross-examine Dr. Bahnsen]


Dr. Stein: Dr. Bahnsen, would you call God material or immaterial?


Dr. Bahnsen: Immaterial.


Dr. Stein: What is something that is immaterial?


Dr. Bahnsen: Something not extended in space.


Dr. Stein: Can you give me an example of anything other than God that is immaterial?


Dr. Bahnsen: The laws of logic.


[AUDIENCE: (laughter and applause)]


[MODERATOR: Can I ask you to hold that down please?]




The transcript can be found here:




The mp3 can be found here:



If you want to purchase a high quality recording of the debate (I have a cheaply recorded mp3 version, but I listen to it quite often):


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Wow, that's good stuff. :lol:


I thought answers in genesis gave a good overview on their website today. http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2011/11/22/tools-of-persuasion

After I read some, haven't finished, I thought it was titled appropriately.

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