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Pasted "urls" And Hyperlinks

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I've re-enabled the URL BBCode. One of those pesky unintended consequences was that when I disabled it, it also disabled any hyperlinks that were already posted which, unfortunately, appear to be lost now. That I did not expect. All I would ask is that, for now, you not paste URL's directly into your post, but rather use the hyperlink function to avoid those occasional driver errors we've been getting when the forum converts an URL into a hyperlink. To use the hyperlink function, highlight the text you want to create a hyperlink with, click on the hyperlink button (red and green arrow), and paste the URL in the pop up window.



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cross posted as FYI for those who have not been using the "add link" function:



The link was entered using the link button.  If you do not type and select text, that's the way it gets posted.


For example, if type then select "Source: Washington Post" and insert the link, it looks like: Source: Washington Post

The same link when simply added to the post looks like:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/12/30/freak-storm-has-pushed-north-pole-to-freezing-point-50-degrees-above-normal/

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cross posted for those on Win10


Unfortunately Windows 10 isn't allowing me to post as I usually do,(I still could do a work around but it would be a pain) so will number my responses.

I only have time for this, and I hope it helps.


Win10 with MS Edge does not copy/paste correctly.  You can still use Win10, but go back to IE11 and it will work fine.

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