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Darwin Evo. Wrong: Systems Require Information To Be, Function...

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This is about a proof that's already been proven. Darwin Evo. Wrong: Systems Require Information To Be, Function


I'll post a definition of information: meaningful data that requires a mind and doesn't physically exist.  Also see numbers.  What got me thinking about this was: DNA is often called the blueprint of life.  But this is wrong in some ways.  As a person who studies and interacts with computers, I tried to think of it as the source code of life, or the operating system.  It's more complicated and does more than that, we know now...



  Thinking of 1.Stephen meyers Signature In The Cell (only read to/around chapter 7, have heard online speeches and lectures, such as some on kgov rsr) and  and Dr. Gitts info and lectures (one was free to read on Answers and Genesis Website): In the Beginning was information.  (He also has a newer book/books)


Conclusions 1.a  all matter requires depends on, and uses information 1b. information can only exist if there is a mind to interpret it.  Information is a product of intelligence; also see imagination, keyword image.


Thery/idea 2.  Matter that we humans create cannot exist interact/without information.  Source: computer programming classes.  *Note:Also made objects with help in a woodworking class.  This too, required information and knowledge first, before creating.


A blueprint never explains how a building functions,afaik; like a patent explains how something works...


Also can study f(x)=xy, and systems biology, see definition.  But they will probably only stick to Naturalism philosophy, if they oppose intelligence, or 'a creator'


-Another thought/model taken from a bible verse: inventions/creations by humans require: skill,ability, and knowledge.  We've read about animals and plants solving problems too in the news.

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Great points Rico, I'd like to add my 2cents :)


Evolutionists may claim that (somehow) information "evolved", yet due to the intangible nature of what information actually is, one may wonder as to what mechanism such information "evolves". Without knowing a mechanism how can evolutionists claim that it actually did "evolve"? Its merely assuming something happened BEFORE knowing whether it happened or not.


I'd go off the fact that all data we as a human race has ever collected up until this point, demonstrates that information comes from an intelligent mind, I'd ask the reader to consider books, maps, blueprints etc. Also consider that the mechanisms that interpret information, (for example computers), are also designed by an intelligent mind. Therefore intelligence is needed in order to design the systems which allow for information to be recognised and interpreted.


Hence If DNA contains information AND systems by which that information is recognised and interpreted one must consider, who or what was the intelligence that led to this information and systems of interpretation?


Its a simple argument, and one evolutionists have trouble dealing with.... Hence the lack of replies on their part ;)

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