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Hello everyone.


I'm Gustavo Woltmann new here. I really love fairies since I was a kid. My grand mother that already past away always tell me a story when she's still alive about fairies in the woods of Panama where we always go picnic with our family. I am hoping to have more friends here and learn more about fairies. See yah all around.

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Once upon a time in an invisible nothing-land which was a special kind of nothing called, "Big-bang nothing" which is in fact a very complicated something, a universe with intelligibility, abscission, photosynthesis, mathematics, and specified complexity off the scale, emerged from a big-bang tornado in a junkyard that then later on led to some giraffes.


Meanwhile in a primordial swamp on a fictional primordial world, a fictional primordial less-than life, mudecule emerged from some self-assembling mud to later give you some blue whales and pine trees which are related to each other because they both have DNA, a bit like your dining room table must be related to my shed because they are both made of wood.


As for fairies, who needs them when we think of what a pre-bat transitional would have had to look like;




Fairytale? Yup - if the glove fits. ;)



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Admittedly, I mock the concept, not the work done into the theory of evolution. I don't mock scientists who do actual work, or the complex hypothetics to describe evolution theory, or any of the facts which the theory takes into account. But it is a patently absurd and fictional story, for many rational people. 


So it's not personal, it's just the story itself which is proposterous. While my absurd pre-bat make look silly, it highlights the fact the order just doesn't come from random chaos, and even with natural selection somewhat shaping things, there just isn't any way for a quadruped to get a bat's wing without sporadic changes during that process which would be sporadic, and the limb would have no use. A hand has use, a wing has use, a "not quite hand, not quite wing" has no use that selection could select for, as the benefits of the hand would be greater than the intermediate limb. Logically there has to be a stage where the inbetween, exapting anatomy would be less advantageous than the established anatomy.

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