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The Opera Browser Says This Site Is Malicious

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You have no clue how close this site came to being shut down for good.

that would be a shame, these are a friendly bunch of people, mods and all.

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i posted the following URL (post 71 of the wiki ID page thread):



when i copy/paste that URL into my search engine then select the first entry in the list, my browser reports a forgery.

this is the first time i've ever gotten that message, and i access this site daily.

this proves a few things:

my browser is capable of reporting a forgery.

the warning message is apparently being added by my search engine.

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One thing I might add...the insecure connection warning you get in Firefox has nothing to do with the phantom redirect you get when visiting the site from a google search. In a recent upgrade, Firefox added a check for a secure (HTTPS) connection anytime there is a log in field on the page. This site does not have an SSL certificate, so an https login is not practical. If you find the pop up annoying and want to disable it and know what you're doing, go to "about:config" (and if you don't know what that is you don't know what you're doing), find the line "security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled", and toggle it to False.


I'm going to try that one... (I just read it now....)

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