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mike the wiz

Movie Moments

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Movie moments you like,... it's a subjective topic. For me, there is some element of the scene being either well acted, well orchestrated/executed, or very humouress, etc...


Disclaimer; The examples I myself give aren't suggestions that the movie itself is great or fantastic, but that the scene itself has merit to me.


For my first selection, Tarantino in the final scene of Kill Bill Volume 1. I believe the music, and how it is orchestrated, in the fight scene, and how it builds up the scene basically makes the scene much better than it really is. As a fight scene it isn't anything special, but from the moment she kicks off her slippers and begins to walk I had to say to myself; "Haha, Tarantino nailed this scene." The music for me is better than the scene, especially as the track plays on, and although the cutie in the white dress is fairly arrogant in this scene, she looks pretty cool wielding her swords.


(some mild violence involved in this scene;)



That's my first example of a great movie-moment. No doubt there is the more obviously great scenes much better than my selection but it's more about what you yourself get from the movie, it's not a competition.


As for the Kill Bill films, yeah kind of silly overall IMHO, and about as unrealistic as you can get. I'm not a massive fan and it's overall not my kind of film but I appreciate Tarantino's abilities, and if it is one thing, it's entertaining.

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