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mike the wiz

Dear Lurkers. (Those That Read The Forum But Don't Speak) Alexa

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Dear Lurkers, I am aware of your baba, I have proof in the form of this picture;




We are happy you read our writings. You should join there aren't many members. Sometimes a lurker joins and sends me a message. This is the fame-effect, as I call it, like when you watch a TV program or movie and feel you know the people in the movie, and feel the need to acknowledge it. I am aware of this, and sometimes wonder what it must be like to have read a forum for a long time but not join or say anything yourself. I imagine there are a wide variety of reasons why people read. Could be for help with homework which is one request I had in the past from one person, or could be you prefer reading to writing, or could be you aren't confident enough to have an opinion, or could be you think people are too argumentative.


Could be it's like a hobby, the issue just interests you but only in the capacity of a hobby, some people aren't religious but read all about religion as a hobby. I myself watch all sorts of videos I don't believe in but as a hobby I watch them, such as UFO and faked moon landing videos, sometimes just to laugh at the reasons people come up with to believe such things. :D


Just wanted to acknowledge you. :)

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Of course Alexa could be some type of medium/app/browser. (I clicked on eventually) ;)

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