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Fred Williams

Call for Moderator, Opening Up Registration

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Hello everyone, 

I've decided to open up the forum registration to not require an Admin approval. The reason is because 1) the last handful of registrations over the last several months look legit (in the past there would be spurts of obvious bogus spam signups), 2) later versions of this forum software support email validation, which should cut down on bogus registrations, 3) due to the dropping interest in the forum from the outside world, when someone does sign up, oftentimes they don't get seen and approved until days or even weeks later. The Admin that took care of this has been away from the forum for a while now, and too often I don't see the registration email to login and approve them. So this leads to the next question...

Is there a Christian on this forum willing to become a moderator or an admin? If so, please send me an email at fredmw7@gmail.com. If you don't hear from me it means that the email for some reason didn't land in my inbox, so you can alternately try my work email which is fmwilliams@micron.com. 



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