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Bacterium REVIVED from Permian salt crystals

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This article from 2000 affirms that they did indeed revive bacteria from salt crystals in the Permian layer, and they made extreme efforts to confirm that there was not contamination and that the salt crystals had never recrystallized after first being formed 250 million years ago. (I have no access to the full article. If someone does have access and feels that they can share it with me, I would appreciate that.)


This article from 2001 is an effort to refute it. They argue that the rate of DNA mutation and evolution is well-known and when they compare the DNA to modern bacterial DNA, it simply has not evolved enough... by 4 orders of magnitude. THEY ARE RELUCTANT TO CLAIM CONTAMINATION BECAUSE THERE WAS GREAT CARE TO EXCLUDE THAT POSSIBILITY. This article references other instances that they believe were debunked including a claim in 1994 by Woodward where he claimed he had found fragments of dinosaur DNA. There was an undergraduate student who co-authored an article in SCIENCE magazine that debunked Woodward's claim. It was a student named Mary Schweitzer's first claim to fame. But 20 years later she made her own claim that she had found fragments of dinosaur DNA. And to her shame, she never apologized to Woodward! This article properly points out that DNA simply cannot last more than about 10,000 years in warm temperatures and less than 100,000 years in extremely cold temperatures. So they have to stand on their heads big time to try to explain this!


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