Natural Selection

Offshooticus Alces


This "offshoot" of the moose species, the Offshooticus alces, developed an impressive bulls-eye pattern in its antler configuration, enabling it to survive at greater rates against its greatest predator, the homo sapien hunter. The O. alces did quite well against accomplished Homo sapien hunter/marksmen, other than the occasional loss of antler material. Its greatest predator among the homo sapiens has ironically turned out to be the poor shooter, who can occasionally get lucky with an unintentionally low shot. Of course some hunters are not complete rednecks and are not fooled by the antler configuration.

mooseholesYet another member of the genus Alces is the Orificicus alces. The special semi-stealth advantage of this moose developed after many years of being pelted by various caliber lead projectiles used by its primary adversary, the Homo sapien hunter. Its survival rate is only slightly greater than the general population due to the increased use of semi-automatic rifles among Homo sapiens. Its best defense still remains its ability to elude slow-footed hunters with single-shot rifles.



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