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BEANIE   Dunce Cap Classics!

This page is a testimony to the impact evolutionary thinking has on the human brain! It is especially dedicated to all who have earned the famed beanie dunce cap for leaving, as one dunce cap evolutionist ironically once bellowed, “jaw-crackingly stupid” comments in the guestbook. The following represent the cream-of-the-crop of the room-temperature IQ entries that made their way into my guestbook.

"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is." - Ecclesiastes 10:2-3

BEANIE  Mike Hager, 30 Dec 2003 for writing "arguments from personal belief or incredulity are worthless." This after Mike spent his previous 9 posts arguing purely from personal belief and incredulity! (Mike ignored several requests during his 9-post diatribe to give evidence for evolution).

BEANIE  Ken, 23 Jul 2003, for writing "There are few universal truths out there, and chief among them is "truth is relative". No further comment necessary! Ken received a 2nd honorary dunce-cap for hypocrisy after complaining the first cap "belittled" him, apparently forgetting that in the very post that earned him the cap he had referred to creationists as "dumb... and jaw-crackingly stupid"!

BEANIE  Raymond Melnik, 14 Jan 2003, for writing: "Only a complete idiot would create a site like this. You and I are just smart apes, well maybe your not smart." Perhaps our self-described "smart ape" dunce-cap winner should learn to spell! monkey_wink.gif

BEANIE  Scott L Page, PhD, 22 Oct 2001, after being challenged to produce a single example where a code arose by purely naturalistic processes, replied with: "Who sent the code in tree rings?". We here at evolutionfairytale.com believe Scott would do himself well to read at least some rudimentary literature on what a code is. In his case we recommend "Information Theory for Dummies".

BEANIE  Gregor, 05 Mar 2001, notorious for twisting scripture in all kinds of bizarre ways, for writing "If you don't follow God and his inerrant book, he'll make you kill and eat your children (Ezekiel 20:26; Leviticus 26:29; and Deu 28:57)." If you only read the verses Gregor cited, one might get the impression Gregor was right. But all one has to do is read the adjacent verses to see how badly out-of-context Gregor twisted the scripture. He wrote this immediately after accusing me of using out-of-context quotes on the website!

BEANIE  James, 26 Dec 2000, for his classic roach analogy that once and for all proves man and roaches share a common ancestor! Here's an excerpt: "Soon because of the continued persicution of the black roaches they go extinct. Thus, after a while, the population would be white. Should the floor tile be changed back to black the process would occur again, the only difference would be that the black would be selected for. Thus, in conclusion, creationism is wrong..." silly   Wow, really rad, dude!

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