Evolution of Flight


Poor wolf, foiled again!  This aquatic lifestyle just doesn't seem to want to take hold.  Time to go back to the Designer and demand swimming and scuba lessons!

According to Carl Sagan, "The secrets of evolution are death and time - the deaths of enormous numbers of life forms that were imperfectly adapted to the environment; and time for a long succession of small mutations that were by accident adaptive, time for the slow accumulation of patterns of favorable mutations1."

Despite no real biological or fossil evidence2 of whales evolving from a land mammal, evolutionists still cling to imaginative fairy tales. The evolutionist Ernst Mayr once candidly wrote that "it is a considerable strain on one's credulity to assume that finely balanced systems such as certain sense organs (the eye of vertebrates, or the bird's feather) could be improved by random mutations3." Given the numerous finley balanced systems such as sonar, we agree that the evolutionist's credulity is quite strained!

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1. Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980, pg 30.

2. Evolutionists often cite the long-tailed Ambulocetus as a transition between wolf and whale, hence a walking whale! This was based on the find being near a seashore, closer to sea than its assumed predecessor the Mesonyx (wolf)! The closer to sea, the more whale-like our wolf gets, until finally, POOF, he's a whale! What imagination! "If one practices hard enough you can believe six impossible things before breakfast" - Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

Hans Thewissen, a foremost "expert" on whale "evolution", later discovered fossils that in his words "weaken the link between whales and the mesonychians, which was primarily based on similarities in the teeth". (New Views of the Origins of Mammals, Science, Aug 7, '98, p775). Maybe next they'll tell us it was a moose that ventured into the water and eventually became a whale! Update: Turns out the hippo is the preferred actor in this fairytale.

3. Ernst Mayr, Systematics and the Origin of Species, New York: Dover Publications, 1942, pg 296.

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