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Presentations (PowerPoint®):

Creation vs Evolution, the Basics - This talk covers everything from natural selection, the fossil record, ape men, the Big Bang, and Intelligent Design.

Genesis and its Relevance Today - Perhaps the most important presentation, as it shows why this debate on origins is so important. This presentation shows the impact on society of accepting evolution and millions of years. It includes an abbreviated portion of the "How Old is the Earth" talk below. Questions answered include: “Are the 6 days of creation literal 24-hour days?”, “Where did Cain get his wife?”, “How did Noah get all the animals on the ark?”, “What about the Dinosaurs?”, “Where did the different races come from?”, and more.

How Old is the Earth? - This presentation shows that a literal 6-day creation of the earth and universe roughly 6000 years ago is the best explanation of both the scientific and theological evidence. Dating methods, the feasibility of Noah's Ark, the question of dinosaurs, the Big Bang, and much more are considered.

War of the Worldviews - This presentation will introduce you to concepts crucial to understanding the opposing worldviews of secularism vs the Bible, and the real-life consequences when one tries to remain consistent within each worldview. The theory of evolution is especially scrutinized since it is the foundation of the secular worldview of moral relativism.

Uncovering the Illusions of Evolution - This presentation will enable you to think critically and recognize the illusions behind evolution. The so-called evidence for evolution from the fossil record, ape-men, resistant bacteria, human-chimp DNA, embryology, and others are shown to be baseless when closely scrutinized.

Intelligent Design - The renowned British physicist Lord Kelvin once wrote: "Overwhelming strong proofs of intelligent and benevolent design lie around us ...The atheistic idea is so nonsensical that I cannot put it into words." This presentation gives you an up-close look at many of these “overwhelming strong proofs” that our world and universe are the result of special creation.

Bible Apologetics - This presentation provides powerful evidence that the Bible is the Word of God. Accuracy of prophecy, archeology, scientific knowledge before its time, textual integrity, and much more are considered. See Fred's website, 'BibleEvidences.com'.

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