Elephant Fossil Stuns Scientific Community!

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DENVER April 1, 2000 - A new fossil has been found that may throw a huge wrench into the current evolutionary paradigm for the origin of elephants. Univ. of Colorado biology professor Scott L. Eugenie commented that "we might as well throw out the elephant with the bathwater, if we accept this fossil as what it appears to be".

The fossil was discovered in a lava bed in the southern part of the Congo, near the small village of Geheradhanda. It was in a layer suggesting it originated from the Cretaceous period some 50 million years ago. The main fossil appears to be that of a trunk, while other fragments found 50 yards away appear to be imprints of feathers! This new discovery is shaking the evolutionary community. Many scientists are jumping on the flying bandwagon, others are jumping into the sea and sticking with the aquatic hypothesis. Harvard paleontologist Stephen Gould is skeptical: "I still think the elephant can trace his great, great ancestor to a fish". Others disagree. Richard Dawkins of Cambridge was ecstatic "flying elephants seem very feasible to me. This fossil demonstrates clearly and irrevocably this apparent certainty". He went on to add "I knew we would find more transitional fossils, I can't wait to hear what the creationists have to say!". The fossil has been dubbed Elaphantavianicus Bigfairytalicus.

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