Evolution of Flight

Evolution of Flight

There is nothing quite like the sight of an evolutionist squirming and tugging at his collar after being asked to explain how flight "evolved"! Like all tenets of mud-to-man evolution, you'll get plenty of "may have's", "could have's", and "uh's" but no facts or credible evidence. The reason is simple - there is no evidence of how this amazing process occurred!1.

Presently the general consensus among evolutionists is that birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs. This hypothesis has proven so weak, though, that it has long come under serious scrutiny from within the secular evolutionist scientific community2. With the dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis on the verge of extinction, what will our evolutionist story-tellers dream up next?

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Well, maybe I can help. Let's use as an example a squirrel-like creature. This poor creature has found himself on the brink of starvation due to population stress and other factors. So what's a squirrel to do?  Following is an account of the first flight of the great flying squirrel ancestor Willie Wright (indeed I have heard on more than one occasion the following argument from some of the more mentally challenged evolutionists).


1. The fossil record certainly doesn't help the evolutionist's position. Considering the quantity of avian (bird) and especially bat fossils that have been unearthed, if evolution were true there should be hundreds of thousands of examples of transitional forms demonstrating a gradual limb-to-wing development over time. But there are none!  Instead, birds and bats appear fully formed in the fossil record, as would be expected if creation were true.  Indeed, the oldest fossil bat (called Icaronycteris by long-winded evolutionists) is supposedly 50 million years old, yet is indistinguishable from a modern bat! (see Glenn Jepson, Science 154:1333-1339, 1966). Additionally, both non-flying and flying insects are found in the fossil record, without a trace of intermediate insects in the process of obtaining the ability to fly. Where are the ancestors to the flying insects, and where are the intermediate steps? The answer is simple - they don't exist because evolution is a fairy tale!

2. Several studies reported in Science magazine exposed the dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis for what it is - bunk! One study questioned how a dinosaur that breathes using a diaphragm could evolve over time into a bird that breathes using a vastly different abdominal air sac mechanism. Another study demonstrated structural differences in the hands of dinosaurs and birds that is completely inconsistent with what would be expected if the therapod dinosaur was the bird's ancestor. For more details, see the point-counterpoint Science magazine online article, Counting the Fingers of Birds and Dinosaurs.

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