The Whale

The Whale

OK, this isn't a whale, but this wolf-like creature is supposedly the whale's great, great, great, great, ... great granddaddy! The evolutionist must make this leap of faith because the whale is a mammal. Evolutionists believe that certain fish a long time ago learned to walk out of the water and eventually evolved into mammals. Since there are mammals such as whales in the water, they were forced to postulate that a few of the land mammals became homesick and returned to the water and became whales! Wow!

The whale has many incredibly complex mechanisms that makes it vastly different than land-dwelling mammals. For example, whales have a huge chamber of sperm oil that allows adjustment of buoyancy at different depths, and are equipped with features that allow them to withstand the enormous amount of pressure they encounter at great depths. Their eyes have a far higher refractive index to allow them to see in water, and their ears can pick up airborne sound waves under high pressure. Whales also possess very complex sonar capability.

So how did an alleged wolf-like whale ancestor begin this mind-boggling transition to whale? What prompted him to "dive in"? The following illustrates what the first saga of this adventure must have looked like!



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