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    Since you seem so copacetic about that happening why don't you just pay 50% to me. I'll be glad to pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
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    Your answer has nothing to do with the difference between methodological naturalism and metaphysical naturalism the fact that that difference has been explained to you despite this explanation you continue to misrepresent science with the claim that metaphysical naturalism is the philosophy of science and in the same way you deny the many religious scientists.
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    "despite´╗┐ this explanation you continue to misrepresent science with the claim that metaphysical naturalism is the philosophy of´╗┐ science" "I HAVE NOT MISRESENTED SCIENCE" What has happened is peoplle like you who share a neurotic agreement have misrepresented Science!! Let me explain for you what Science IS And what the philosophy of science is ... Not what YOU CLAIM the philosophy of science to be. Science means "Knowledge" or "What is known" AND is an attempt to discover truth, by way of a body of techniques used for investigating phenomena ..Science is based on what is called the Scientific Method and the testing and formation of hypotheses by said method to determine whether a particular hypothesis is true or false by way of Observation, repetition, experimentation, falsifiability and testing. LOTS of testing, taking into account controlled and uncontrolled variables... Now comes the part that you are surely going to have a hard time with accepting.. It is true, but you wont be able to understand it because you have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into a certain way of thinking... I am going to spell it out by CAPITALIZING IT for emphasis.... Now read the following statement because it is very important... THE TOPIC OF ORIGINS FALLS OUTSIDE OF THE REALM OF SCIENCE..... Here, let me try again.. THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE, AND ULTIMATELY MAN, IS OUTSIDE OF THE SCOPE OF SCIENCE AND THEREFORE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE WHATSOEVER UNLESS YOU HAVE A TIME MACHINE!!! The Philosophy of Science is to determine the TRUTH.. Or...What can be KNOWN to be true! through testing, repeating, experimenting, falsifying, and verifying... and then DOING IT AGAIN to make sure! And then AGAIN!! Its all in the testing.!! YOU CANNOT RUN EXPERIMENTS , TEST, REPEAT, FALSIFY AND OR VARIIFY AN EVENT THAT HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO AND ONLY HAPPENED ONCE!!!! WISHFUL SPECULATION, HOPEFUL ASSUMPTIONS, UNVERIFIED HYPOTHESES, OPTIMISTIC GUESSES AND "JUST SO" STORIES ARE NOT SCIENCE!!! Therefore.. If people want to make a CLAIM that "14 billion years ago there was a "big bang" where out of nowhere a "singularity" suddenly expanded and created time, space, matter and all of the energy in our finely tined universe and then a goldilocks planet allowed for life to emerge from dead matter / inorganic chemicals that allowed for the SAME microbial ancestor to evolve over a few billion years into all flora and fauna on planet Earth is the result of "Methodological Naturalism".. then you are just plain ignorant, OR delusional, OR Dishonest.... Take your pick!!! I will give the benefit of the doubt and go with the first option.. You cannot take a one time supernatural event (The origins of the universe and ultimately man) and try to SHOEHORN science into it... It is the height of arrogance to pretend otherwise... Best Wishes JT

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