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Thought I'd use my 5,000th post to recognize the Forum's 15th anniversary.

The earliest members are in early March, 2005.  When I brought this up at the 10th anniversary, Fred commented the first posts were in April.

Either way, for a forum like this to remain active after 15 years is quite a feat.

My thanks and congratulations to Fred and others past and present who have made this forum a success. 

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I'm not intending to turn this into a mutual admiration sequence but since you brought it up I'd like to say that for me you have made this something enjoyable and worthwhile for me to try to spend time doing. I have certainly learned a lot from you and much more than I would have without your probing and prompting, AND serving as such a great target for my efforts! :gigglesmile: It has helped me to grow but also to feel that I could possibly be accomplishing something good. Of course I realize that you might feel otherwise about whether I'm accomplishing good. I have always hoped to find what I call an inquisitive agnostic and I would hope that you would also be seeking someone like that and we could be ALLIES in trying to help such a one to find the faith that could lead them to eternal salvation. For me, that's what this is all about. I fear sometimes that I may let it become something less, a competitive effort to win and show myself to be smarter than someone else. We all should try to fight that motive within us and be humble before the Lord and before his truth.

Thanks for the reminder about the 15th anniversary.

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