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Things That Don't Exist?

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Posted 28 July 2016 - 03:04 AM



Mike: Apparently because he sees himself as an authority figure. Therefore only what he decides is true can be true.


That's what I see a lot in these debates Mike, it seems to me Goku always assumes that his morality is the correct one. He doesn't seem to understand that when he reasons to us, why he is correct, he is simply giving us some relative statements. Example; "I see no harm therefore there isn't any morality".


Until Goku realises his own mistakes, (such as the exampled argumentum ad ignorantiam), then unfortunately he will put sophistry ahead of sound reasoning, IMHO. He seems to think that common atheist arguments are something special we haven't heard of before and we don't understand. He seems to think the usual, old-canard criticisms of scripture, are something hard and new we have to deal with, not realising that thousands have had the same thoughts "occur" to them before him.


While Goku is a lovable troll, nevertheless his tactics are evasion, IMHO. :D "evasive manoeuvres Mr Scott" ;)


I hope Goku doesn't see this as a personal attack, it's not meant to be. I just think that he presumes that we have never done any homework and are unaware of the arguments he poses, but believe it or not Mike, I could actually tell him what he will argue and write it on a piece of paper, before he argues it.


None of the reasons he has given actually change anything. Morality is also about motive, and atheists' motives in attacking the bible, are not moral. They purposefully search for scriptures and do not consciously acknowledge any unity-of-scripture, meaning they will cherry-pick verses without letting the rest of the bible interpret how those scriptures should apply to us. I.e. Goku assumes atheism on our behalf then proceeds as though we have agreed that each scripture is a disjointed, disparate dictum. In fact some scriptures don't teach us much of anything, they just pronounce or are a recording of events, they do not necessarily say anything about how we should behave like the atheist seems to presume.


For example, if God says something about the G*y-act, that can in no way change the scriptures about how we should behave towards people anyway. Christ our example, befriended sinners, prostitutes, etc....

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